quartz slab production line

quartz slab production line

design advantages:
artificial quartz slab production line is a special equipment production line for making quartz slabs, utand stone machinery reasonable design, high efficient real fast vibration suppression equipment combination, which makes the product qualified rate of more than 99%.
machine advantages:
quartz slab production line core machie is vacuum vibration pressing machie, is our patented equipment, is the hardness and density of quartz slabs are the first guarantee of quality products.
utand quartz slabs production line have more than 200 artificial quartz factory by successfully complete, we have customer cases in many countries around the world. Welcome to our quartz slabs production line project!

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quartz slab production line of utand

Quartz slabs are the first choice of domestic engineering and foreign markets, and the cutting flexibility and saving materials are the development direction of quartz market. The specification of utand artificial quartz stone slabs is customizable, and any quartz plate size can be customized from the minimum (generally standard plate 760mm * 2440mm) to (1650mm * 3250mm).

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line

Quartz slab production line of utand usually the area is about 1500-2000 square meters. We will arrange the scientific and reasonable arrangement according to the actual plant size of the customer, so as to ensure the efficient operation of quartz watch production line.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

The company provides the quartz slab production line equipment and the free installation and debugging, the free technical instruction, the raw materials, the recipe, the match color our company has the mature resources and the technology, the bag you make the qualified plank!

how to make artificial quartz stone

how to make artificial quartz stone

quartz slab production line equipment of utand are all independent research and development production, high degree of automation, production of large plate specification, hardness is strong, high luminosity, good compactness, well received by customers at home and abroad, the order has been in short supply.

utand stone machinery is manufacturer that produces self-production, the manufacturer USES one-to-one sales, sells the user directly with the lowest price, the product is low, is the user's best choice for quartz slab production line.

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