quartz stone slabs machine

2017-07-03 08:01:06  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1784)

what is quartz stone slabs machine?

quartz stone slabs machine Is special equipment for manufacturing quartz stone slab, commonly known as artificial quartz stone slab pressing machine.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

when wet material into the quartz stone slabs machine frame press formed after sealing, into the frame of the vacuum machine start extracting gas compressor interior, internal gradually close to the vacuum press, so as to make dense without pinhole of quartz stone slab.

quartz stone slabs machine

our quartz stone slabs machine density of the products increases, the resin content is reduced and the porosity is close to zero, Improvement of flatness and loss reduction; The cost is relatively low by using the leveling, and the loss margin of the cutting edge is lower.

Since the overall structure of the artificial quartz presses is different, the service life of quartz stone slabs machine equipment and spare parts is longer, quartz stone slabs machine more convenient to repair and replace the accessories. Compared with the lower vibration press, the maintenance time is shortened from the previous days to the present hours.

quartz stone slabs machine of utand

quartz stone slabs machine of utand Divided into the main engine, hydraulic transmission device and electric control device of three parts, with independent hydraulic drive and electrical control box, can be in centralized control console, to realize the adjustment, manual and semi-automatic cycle three kinds of operation norm。

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line

quartz stone slabs machine of work pressure, work speed, range, etc can be adjusted according to the requirements of the process, and can accomplish ejection and drawing process. utand quartz stone slabs machine advanced patented technology, pressing machine realizes two-way simultaneous vibration pressure.

utand quartz stone slabs machine Power consumption of 160 kw, greatly reduced the production of electricity, The overall structure of the equipment was improved, and the vibration system was completely divorced from the main structure.

utand quartz stone slabs machine Improved the degree of automation of control system, making the production operation simple and intuitive, Add the sound insulation device. The noise emitted during the process of press production more than doubled, reducing noise pollution.


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