16 heads continuous polishing machine

2017-04-22 08:04:36  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1699)

continuous polishing machine

continuous polishing machine refers to material of polishing in the process of stamping mould is always moving in one direction, if the mold after internal strip cut to two or more than two direction, then is called the level into the ground.

16 heads continuous polishing machine

If the strip stone slabs inside the mold is completed, so called automatic continuous grinding; If it is on a stamping production chain with different process of facilities that robots or other automated for stamping die mold or moving parts to complete the workpiece stamping processing, so called multi-station grinding.

16 heads continuous polishing machine advantage

16 heads continuous polishing machine is multitasking sequence working, in a pair of mold, can include cutting, bending forming and stretch, and other multi-channel processes, has the very high productivity. continuous polishing machine safe operation, reduce production accidents, easy automation, reduce production cost.

16 heads continuous polishing machine can be used in a high speed punch production, improve work efficiency.can reduce the punch press, site area, reduce the semi-finished products of transportation and warehouse to take up.Size highly demanding parts, unfavorable use continuous polishing machine production.

automatic Stone Polishing Machine

automatic Stone Polishing Machine

utand 16 heads continuous polishing machine

utand 16 heads continuous polishing machine is a automatic polishing machine with good performance and price.It has the advantages of small occupied area,with friendly man-machine interface,a high intelligence and efficiency,energy conservation and high production efficiency.

  • Basic Parameter for utand 16 heads continuous polishing machine
  • Processing width

    max 900mm

    Processing thickness

    Max 50mm

    Grinding Heads



    150-300 square meter per 8hours

    Grinding head power


    Belt move power


    Bridge move power


    Belt move speed




    Cooling water pressure

    min 0.15Mpa

    Consumption water for single grinding



    Diameter of the granite polishing disk


    Machine size



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