cnc stone polishing machine

cnc stone polishing machine

CNC stone polishing machine with and manual switching functions, the grinding head can be controlled freely, the operation is flexible, easy to learn, safe and reliable, and the yield of finished products is high.
utand CNC stone polishing machine has perfect processing technology, stable performance, simple operation and energy saving.
Working slab width of polishing machine:

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cnc stone polishing machine introduce

CNC stone polishing machine is synonymous with high output, high quality polishing, durability and low energy consumption. Strong, compact structure, absolutely rigid beams ensure that the entire drive system slides at a very fast speed. In-depth research and design of grinding head and abrasive fixing plate structural components, tool can be uniform and regular contact material.

automatic stone Polishing Machine

automatic stone Polishing Machine

CNC stone polishing machine within the scope of noise-free, in line with the principles of ergonomics, provides the greatest degree of safety in the polishing and maintenance process. So polishing, control and operation settings all have users through a simple, humane system.

Utand CNC stone polishing machine has a variety of models to choose from, up to 24 grinding heads.

cnc stone polishing machine introduce

Utand cnc stone polishing machine video

Welcome to our CNC stone polishing machine live work on video.

cnc stone polishing machine price

CNC stone polishing machine price is affected by many factors, such as machine performance, quality of polished products, supply and demand, and cost. These factors can not appear in the same period of time, and there are many factors affecting the price of equipment, such as different manufacturers, different regions and so on.

quartz stone polishing machine

quartz stone polishing machine

Therefore, it is suggested that the vast number of users should conduct a variety of investigations in selecting and purchasing equipment, so as to select and purchase high quality and cost-effective CNC stone polishing machine.

cnc stone polishing machine price

There are many types of CNC stone polishing machine, its volume, machine weight, production capacity and so on are different. The bigger the model, the bigger the equipment capacity, the higher the price, the more remarkable the economic benefits created, and more suitable for larger enterprises. On the contrary, the smaller the model, the lower the price, and suitable for smaller investors.

Polishing head qty(set)161210
Max.working thickness(mm)12-3012-3012-30
Working width(mm)165016501650
Conveying belt speed(m/min)0.5-30.5-30.5-3
Total installed power(kw)185141119
Water consumption(l/min)400300260

cnc stone polishing machine type for utand

Below are several models of our CNC stone polishing machine for customers to choose. We also have other models for customers to choose, if you need to leave a message to consult us.

  • Stone Polishing Machine
    Stone Polishing Machine

    Stone Polishing Machine used for grinding and polishing stone slab surface,Can be divided single Head and multi-heads Polishing Machine!
    0.6~0.8 (Mpa)
    Applied material:
    quartz slab , marble slab and Artificial quartz slab, Artificial marble slab etc. stone slab surface!

  • Our CNC stone polishing machine is of high quality, affordable price and superior performance. In addition, our factory will provide comprehensive after-sales service, escort the later use of equipment, safeguard the interests of investors to a greater extent, and create more profits for you.

  • bridge Polishing Machine
    bridge Polishing Machine

    bridge Polishing Machine effectively solve the Surface rough, uneven thickness, luminosity not high three question, is reliable guarantee for stone slab quality upgrade of the gear.
    Max W*L*T (mm):
    Width:900~2200(mm) * length:3000(mm) *Thickness:120(mm)
    Applied material:
    Artificial quartz slab, artificial marble slab and more grinding large size stone slabs!

  • We welcome customers to visit our factory, We have a variety of models for cnc stone polishing machine type for you to choose.

  • marble Slab polishing machine
    marble Slab polishing machine

    marble slab polishing machine has simple structure, fuselage flexible compact, low cost, operation and maintenance is very convenient, especially suitable for marble slab grinding, has been widely applied.
    Main Motor Power:
    Applied material:
    artificial marble slab,marble slab grinding and polishing!

  • granite Slab polishing machine
    granite Slab polishing machine

    granite slab polishing machine has 9, 12, 16heads,all sorts of specifications, is a fully automatic continuous polishing machine!
    Grinding Heads:
    Applied material:
    Artificial quartz slab, artificial marble slab and more grinding stone slabs!

    cnc stone polishing machine news:

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