automatic continuous polishing machine for sale

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Automatic continuous polishing machine

Automatic continuous polishing machine suitable for natural stone material, artificial quartz, terrazzo plate thicknessing and polishing, etc. is the inevitable choice of stone industry upgrading.utand utomatic continuous polishing machine structure is reasonable, stable performance, high working efficiency. Imported PLC control system, text display, realize the intelligent control.

automatic Stone Polishing Machine

automatic Stone Polishing Machine

Automatic continuous polishing machine for sale

The machine polishing process is put the polished stone on the processed products, with the mechanical equipment running quickly and "dry polishing, wet polishing" to achieve polishing effect, the product surface will appear very strong reflection.Automatic continuous polishing machine for sale Factors include several aspects related:

  • 1, fundamental factors - equipment quality
  • Quality fit and unfit quality usually is the most fundamental factors affect plate polishing machine prices, because the equipment for quality excellence, service life is longer, polishing efficiency and effect is higher, the price will be higher, on the contrary, the quality of general equipment, life is short, not only capacity will be lower, the price is low. Typically, good quality equipment more users can bring higher profits, the user when the choose and buy automatic continuous polishing machine, be sure to focus on the quality of the equipment.

  • 2, direct factors - the manufacturing cost
  • automatic continuous polishing machine for sale Manufacturing costs in the sales price generally by the raw materials, technology, cost, the worker's wages, propaganda cost, manufacturing cost and prices generally higher than the relation, the manufacturing cost is higher, the equipment prices will be higher. Utand automatic continuous polishing machine conveyor belt to choose high quality famous brand, uniform thickness, elastic slip point on the conveyor belt, to ensure the plate thickness of the product.

    Conveyor belt running and beams swing through the automatic control system to adjust the speed, variable speed regulation, the overall power consumption small (single head power 7.5 KW), use cost low, only 4.8 yuan per square the polishing cost, China stone polishing production 38 ㎡ / h, the polishing of high efficiency, high luminosity, convenient operation, simple maintenance and so on. As to reduce the cost, the machine can also use the ling magnesia large T abrasive. Grinding head count: more than 20. utand automatic continuous polishing machine sale price is reasonable

  • 3, indirect factors - the user requirements
  • Surface light, colour is gorgeous, rigid anti-seepage artificial quartz, have completely replace traditional ordinary artificial stone and become the mainstream of ambry mesa material such as products, and to the spread of floor material. Artificial quartz stone slab visual perception and use of the effect, is a normal, artificial stone can not reach the past has obvious advantages. As the artificial quartz popular, artificial quartz stone slab production line equipment, has been more and more stone factory need, automatic continuous polishing machine is very important in production line, welcome to our factory to visit the choose and buy!

    Stone Polishing Machine

    Stone Polishing Machine


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