engineered quartz machine in china

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engineered quartz introduction:

Engineered quartz plate is made from 93% natural quartz and 7% mineral pigment, resin and other additives, it has many advantages which the common artificial stone don't have: high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, don't break, don't ooze oil, high stroke, etc. From the point of the actual cost, quartz, the actual cost is lower than the average cost of artificial stone, it is bound to replace the ordinary artificial stone as the main force of man-made stone market

engineered quartz making machine

engineered quartz making machine

The composition of engineered quartz machine:

engineered quartz main production process is: the ingredients, mixing, vacuum high pressure forming, curing, cutting, polishing, anti-fouling. Each step corresponding to certain equipment, we will introduce the main equipment:

Vacuum press: including host, vacuum pump, the hydraulic system, the revolving cars and forming of the template. Work will be uniform mixing of raw materials are forming on the template, and through the revolving cars and push the template below the central institution into to the main, after vibration box, vacuum, pressure molding, again by pushing on cycle is completed.

The thickness machine: using high speed rotating disk cutter, milling complex processing, engineering quartz surfaces, makes the job surface more smooth, uniform finish, machining cost is lower.

The polishing machine: it is mainly used for grinding and polishing of quartz plate.

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The cutting machine : is a special quartz plate processing equipment, cutting through the equipment, can guarantee the plate around the flat, facilitate the storage, transportation and customer use.

The quartz fixed waxing machine: it is a kind of to apply artificial quartz plate surface antifouling wax water, special equipment, can be on the plate coated with a layer of uniform antifouling wax, makes the plate surface has good antifouling performance, and can have appropriate brightness on the surface of the plate.

engineered quartz machine market in china outlook:

According to the Chinese stone material industry association survey data show that artificial quartz, demand has increased dramatically in recent years, will drive the promotion and application of quartz, machine.


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