Double head stone polishing machine

2017-06-21 08:25:33  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1666)

what is Double Head Stone Polishing Machine

Double head stone polishing machine is an improved model of the bridge polishing machine, stone slab can be polished and calibration, is a kind of special polishing equipment for artificial quartz stone production line.

Double head stone polishing machine

Double head stone polishing machine bottom of the main shaft contains a diamond disc with a diameter of 680mm, 880mm and 980mm. The cooling water is fired from the center of the shaft. Big turn millstones, stone slab flat on platform, platform adopts frequency conversion device。

stone polishing machine automatic feeding, one-time can solve the width 600 mm, 800 mm and 900 mm plate flatness, thickness of degrees. The efficiency (granite) to 6 ㎡ / hour. With the thickness of the stone board and the grinding machine, the stone plank is very flat, and the gloss is above 85 degrees.

Double head stone polishing machine front (that is, the feeding side), in turn, is equipped with two sets of hundreds of ranking according to zhang, the first part of sheet metal cutting, the rear (that is, the discharge side) is equipped with two large diameter of mill, respectively was carried out on the double of the surface of the plate after cutting two leveling, plate plate moving a conveyor belt, is a board, 305 sheet, the best choice of the composite board production.

utand Double head stone polishing machine has a high efficiency of 80 square meters per hour, which is the best choice for natural stone and artificial quartz.

Double head stone polishing machine of utand

Utand Double head stone polishing machine and high-speed rotation of the diamond millstone to rigid plate surface milling processing, make the plate for a smooth surface and the thickness of the same, so as to greatly improve the yield and quality of polished, reduce the processing cost.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

The grinding head automatically elevates and USES the double cylinder structure, and the lubrication system is automatically lubricated.

our Double head stone polishing machine disc wobble adopts the swing beam, the gearbox changes the speed and the power is 2 x 2.2 KW, Main drive adopts cycloidal needle wheel reducer, variable frequency control, power 3KW. The conveyor belt adopts high quality PVC flat belt


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