engineered stone manufacturing process in china

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Engineered stone description:

Engineered stone is divided into two types: natural engineered stone and artificial engineered stone. Everyone knows a lot about natural engineered stone. Natural stone richly contain in the sump, widely distributed, Convenient to use. Now emphatically introduce the process of artificial engineered stone production.

Engineered stone production process:

In short, engineered stone production process, is a certain ingredients, after mixing, molding, curing, cutting and polishing, anti-fouling processing. Due to the different materials and the processing method, artificial engineered stone is divided into different types. Artificial engineered stone type and production process are described below:

engineered stone manufacturing

Resin type artificial engineered stone material for cementing agent based on unsaturated polyester resin, and natural marble stone, quartz, calcite, limestone and other inorganic filler according to certain proportion coordination, add the catalyst, curing agent, pigments, such as admixture, the mixed stirring, curing, drying, surface polishing process. Forming method is vibration molding, compression molding and extrusion. The advantages of resin type artificial engineered stone, product luster, color, light, can be transferred into different colors; Easy to forming, room temperature curing.

Composite artificial engineered stone used binder, both inorganic materials, organic polymer materials. Its making process is: first made of cement mortar cement, stone powder body, the body again immersed in organic monomer polymerization performance, make it polymerization under certain condition. Composite artificial stone products with low cost, but it is affected by the temperature difference that polyester surface after peeling or cracking.

Cement type artificial engineered stone is based on all kinds of cement as cementing material, stone and sand, natural gravel particles, such as preparation, mixing, molding, curing, made of artificial stone after grinding and polishing. Cement type artificial engineering stone production conveniently, low prices, but its adornment sex is poorer.

Sintered synthetic engineered stone, feldspar, quartz, pyroxene, calcite, ore powder, and a certain amount of mixed - soil, using slurry preparation of blank, with half dry pressure molding method, then to around 1000 ℃ high temperature in the kiln roasting. Sintered artificial stone adornment sex good, stable performance, but subject to high temperature roasting, and large energy consumption and high cost.

Engineered stone prospects:

Natural material engineered stone due to resource constraints, in the later application will gradually decrease. And artificial engineered stone material, especially engineered stone resin type, easy to shape; Good luster; The color shallow, easy to made into all kinds of bright color and pattern; Curing fast, can be carried out under normal temperature operation and other characteristics, has become a modern architecture preferred finishing materials.


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