Quartz slab polishing line

Quartz slab polishing line

Quartz slab polishing line of utand adopts the latest quartz stone slab polishing machine, our quartz slab polishing line design reasonable structure, stable operation and high efficiency.
PLC touch screen control, intelligent control.
Grinding Heads(optional):
4-16 heads

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Quartz slab polishing line introduce

Quartz slab polishing line is mainly used for polishing quartz stone, quartz slab is one of the main applications of quartz nowadays. quartz slab hard texture, is often used as a working table, but its flat surface and smoothness are required to be high, so quartz plate needs quartz slab polishing line in production.

Quartz stone slab polishing line

Nowadays, many manufacturers polish machinery often suffer from uneven force and poor polishing accuracy because of the mechanical pressure, polishing surface is not smooth enough.

Utand stone machinery overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology and develop a new generation of quartz Slab polishing line. Utand quartz slab polishing line setting up reciprocating screw and vertical slider, the problems of complex structure and uneven force during polishing of the existing polishing device are solved.

quartz slab plant machine

quartz slab plant machine

Quartz slab polishing line of utand provides free installation and equipment debugging, free technical guidance, raw materials, formula, color matching company has mature resources and technology, package you to make qualified quartz slab!

Quartz slab polishing line video

This is our india customer's quartz slab polishing line working video. Welcome to our factory,We'll show you more of our customers' quartz slab polishing lines.

Quartz slab polishing line process

Quartz Slab polishing line includes many kinds of machines, such as Stone calibration machine, stone polishing machine, quartz slab cutting machine, quartz laminating machine, quartz slab turnover machine and so on. there is a working process of the quartz Slab polishing line:

Quartz slab polishing line process

quartz slab calibration on both sides

Quartz slab after natural cooling is transported to quartz Slab polishing line by rail, then placed on Stone calibration machine. Utand stone calibration machine has No. 1 and No. 2 scrapers, Quartz slab calibration machine use cyclone scrapers manufactured by our company. The fastest speed of plate scrapers can reach 1.5 meters per minute. There are 10 groups of scrapers with 6 motors in each group. 60 scrapers can be used at the same time.

    Positive calibration:
The quartz stone on the scraping line is scraped on one side. We commonly call it "positive scraping". It takes about 13-15 minutes to scrape a large board.

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

    Reverse calibration:
After the positive scraping is completed, the quartz stone is scraped flat at the bottom after being reversed by the large plate turnover machine on the automatic Quartz slab production line.

quartz slab polishing on both sides

    180 Degree Turnover quartz slab:
In quartz slab polishing line is necessary to turn the plate 180 degrees for many times to operate on the reverse side, so need many stone turnover machines.

stone turnover machine

stone turnover machine

    Frontal polishing:
The scraped quartz slab is transported from the automatic production line to the Quartz Slab polishing line. The front polishing is carried out with a polishing head from coarse to fine. The polishing time of a large slab is about 13 to 15 minutes.

Quartz slab polishing machine

    Reverse polishing:
After finishing the front polishing, it is transferred to No. 2 Quartz Slab polishing line by the automatic turning machine on the automatic production line and then polished for about 13 to 15 minutes.

    quartz slab Cutting:
According to the requirements of customer orders, quartzite is cut into various specifications.

    quartz slab Classification:
After finishing the polishing process of quartz stone, it is transported to the position of manual grading by automatic production line and graded by manual visual measurement.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

    quartz slab Film sticking:
After grading, the quartz stone of grade A board is affixed with protective film on the front of the board to play the role of surface protection.

Quartz slab polishing line manufacturer of utand

Utand is professional quartz slab polishing line manufacturer in china, design quartz Slab polishing line is simple, novel and practical. our quartz slab polishing line machinery reciprocating motion of the polishing plate can be realized by setting reciprocating screw, so that the polishing plate can be polished repeatedly.

Quartz slab polishing line utand

The polishing plate can be polished under the action of gravity by setting vertical sliding sleeve and vertical sliding rod, which makes the polishing force more uniform, makes the polishing surface smoother and smoother, and greatly improves Quartz Slab polishing line quality.

UTAND stone machinery is an independent research and development, professional production of artificial quartz stone (also known as quartz granite and engineering stone) whole line equipment and can provide the most perfect production technology enterprise.

Quartz slab polishing line manufacturer

we from mechanical design, machinery manufacturing, mechatronics, to assist customers in the selection of raw materials and formulations of R&D and after-sales service, are equipped with quartz stone industry top-notch professionals.

Select UTAND, that is, select the appropriate production equipment, leading Quartz Slab polishing line technology, professional after-sales service and superior quartz quality.

quartz stone pressing line

quartz stone pressing line

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