stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment advantages:
Utand stone polishing equipment is stone slab surface polishing dedicated machine, new elastic resin plate use for special grinding head, a 15% increase in output, reduce power consumption by 15%.
Production capacity:
Consumption water for single grinding :25L/min
Diameter of the granite polishing disk:200mm
processed materials
stone polishing equipment can use for artificial quartz stone, artificial marble slabs, granite, marble, glass, agate stones etc. all kinds of stone slabs polishing

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stone polishing equipment video

Utand stone polishing equipment polishing is more comprehensive, more efficient, less abrasive wear and tear. Our stone polishing equipment by use in hundreds of stone factory, the following video is ours stone polishing equipment working video in customer's factory!

utand stone polishing equipment

utand stone polishing equipment according to the requirements of different production line, provide different capacity of polishing equipment, utand machinery structure design is reasonable, shortening the time of grinding plate, use PLC programmable control system, powerful and the man-machine dialogue with the LCD touch screen, to realize intelligent control.

  • Stone Polishing Machine
    Stone Polishing Machine

    Stone Polishing Machine used for grinding and polishing stone slab surface,Can be divided single Head and multi-heads Polishing Machine!
    0.6~0.8 (Mpa)
    Applied material:
    quartz slab , marble slab and Artificial quartz slab, Artificial marble slab etc. stone slab surface!

  • utand single head stone polishing equipment

    Utand single head stone polishing equipment also known as bridge polishing machine, mainly used for grinding at the beginning of stone slabs, effectively solve the uneven degree of plate thickness, plate surface behing the kerf is uneven. The machine work bench along the guide rail, grinding head in gantry beam, pneumatic pressure, effectively ensures the flatness of plate, make the plank smooth and bright.

  • bridge Polishing Machine
    bridge Polishing Machine

    bridge Polishing Machine effectively solve the Surface rough, uneven thickness, luminosity not high three question, is reliable guarantee for stone slab quality upgrade of the gear.
    Max W*L*T (mm):
    Width:900~2200(mm) * length:3000(mm) *Thickness:120(mm)
    Applied material:
    Artificial quartz slab, artificial marble slab and more grinding large size stone slabs!

  • utand lifting polishing equipment

    utand lifting polishing equipment for marble, granite, artificial stone, terrazzo, glass, etc., with different coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing abrasive. Easy operation, processing range, long service life. This machine is equipped with a tire pressure device, easy to operate

  • marble Slab polishing machine
    marble Slab polishing machine

    marble slab polishing machine has simple structure, fuselage flexible compact, low cost, operation and maintenance is very convenient, especially suitable for marble slab grinding, has been widely applied.
    Main Motor Power:
    Applied material:
    artificial marble slab,marble slab grinding and polishing!

  • utand multi-heads stone polishing equipment(9-20 head)

    utand multi-heads stone polishing equipment Can customize according to customer's production needs for 9 head polishing machine, 12 heads ,16 heads , 20 head polishing machine. mainly used for grinding and polishing, the series of reasonable structure, stable performance, high working efficiency. Imported PLC control system, text display, realize the intelligent control

  • granite Slab polishing machine
    granite Slab polishing machine

    granite slab polishing machine has 9, 12, 16heads,all sorts of specifications, is a fully automatic continuous polishing machine!
    Grinding Heads:
    Applied material:
    Artificial quartz slab, artificial marble slab and more grinding stone slabs!

    stone polishing equipment news:

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    artificial quartz stone polishing machine is the necessary equipment in artificial stone production line, used for polishing on the surface of the artificial quartz slab, in order to achieve the requirements of the flatness and surface luminosity

  • stone polishing machine for sale

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    stone polishing machine is Used for polishing machining of stainless steel plate, marble and granite plate grinding and polishing processing. Can also be used for tombstone. Glass stair stone, artificial stone, cement products and other various plane polishing processing

  • stone polishing machine manufacturer

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    Stone polishing machine is used for stone grinding, mechanical grinding and polishing of advantages, utand stone polishing machine manufacturer grinding the consistency of the good, the line of different sizes can order installation,

  • stone polishing machine cost

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    stone polishing machine is a kind of filled with coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing of the stone polishing equipment.

  • quartz stone polishing machine suppliers

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    quartz stone polishing machine is latest generation of products is the best equipment for polishing such products as quartz, marble, granite and artificial stone.

  • 12 heads stone polishing machine

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    12 heads stone polishing machine is a kind of multi heads stone polishing machine, according to the number of polishing head, including 9 heads, 16 heads and 20 heads stone continuous polishing machine.

  • stone polishing machine china

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    stone polishing machine of china Use abrasive materials, water and friction to erode stones, Through a mechanical process, it imitates nature's water to erode stone

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    Stone polishing machine is a kind of Stone material processing technology and equipment, according to the number of polishing head can be divided into single head polishing machine, double-headed polishing machine,

  • cnc stone polishing machine

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    cnc stone polishing machine is controlled by CNC system to control the polishing machine produced by stone polishing machine. cnc stone polishing machine not only improves the work efficiency, but also saves a lot of manpower, and the polishing quality is higher.

  • cost of stone polishing machine

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    The latest stone polishing machine is suitable for different materials such as ceramics, marble, granite and so on. cost of stone polishing machine has many advantages


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