cnc stone polishing machine

2018-03-10 08:27:24  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1758)

cnc stone polishing machine in china

cnc stone polishing machine is controlled by CNC system to control the polishing machine produced by stone polishing machine. cnc stone polishing machine not only improves the work efficiency, but also saves a lot of manpower, and the polishing quality is higher.

cnc stone polishing machine

In recent years, although cnc stone polishing machine in china industry is high speed development, various enterprises in the industry is in constant innovation, CNC numerical control rate of the grinding and polishing machine products and profits showing a rising trend year by year.

But it is undeniable that the imports of high-grade CNC stone polishing machines are also rising. At present, our country's CNC stone polishing machines products are still in the middle and low level, the development and production of high-grade CNC grinding polishing machine product space is larger.

In order to be able to replace imported high-grade CNC stone polishing machines, Chinese enterprises must carry out technical promotion, relying on its own technological advantage, make the domestic high-end professional CNC stone polishing machines products to feature, custom, the direction of differentiation.

cnc stone polishing machine in china Not only can well meet the demand of stone polishing, cnc stone polishing machine in china compared with the developed countries of the product has a better price, as a whole, cnc stone polishing machine is very market, because a stone polishing equipment use fixed number of year that can meet the production needs.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

cnc stone polishing machine of utand

Utand stone machiery is professional stone machinery manufacturer in China, our cnc stone polishing machine is mainly suitable for large-scale stone processing enterprises or batch stone production line, has a high requirement of numerical control system, high quality imported equipment, domestic famous brand electrical and mechanical configuration, more precise automatic function and professional technical team;

utand cnc stone polishing machine process of line polishing can meet extremely high requirements for the dynamic balance of the polishing wheel, otherwise it is easy to produce strong vibration to affect the polishing quality and even the plate fracture.

utand cnc stone polishing machine is latest generation of products, ceramics, marble, granite, artificial stone line shape, the combination of the polishing equipment, composed of coarse grinding (shape) and polishing of two parts, the product structure compact, stable running, will explore the adoption of fixed deep grinding way, by setting wheel (different curve, depending on requirements) and polishing adopts automatic control set feeding automatic compensation, prevent the impact of the feed in damaged, greatly improving the productivity, don't you bring good economic benefits.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

After years of experience accumulation and technical improvement, our cnc stone polishing machine is a high quality stone deep processing machinery and equipment with high efficiency, durability and operation advice, which is favored by our customers.


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