automatic stone polishing machine manufacturers

automatic stone polishing machine manufacturers

automatic stone polishing machine manufacturers of utand has 15 years experience, have all kinds of high quality stone slabs polishing design experience.
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automatic stone polishing machine development

With the rapid development of science and technology and economy in the world, as a private enterprise, automatic stone polishing machine manufacturers should implement the innovation driven development strategy, further improve the original innovation, integrated innovation and the ability of introducing, digesting, absorbing and re innovating, and promote the close combination of science and technology and economy.

UTAND auto stone polishing machine video

automatic cnc stone polishing machine manufacturers with the in-depth study of polishing technology and belt grinding technology in European and American countries, the development and application of computer technology, information technology and automation technology, database, computer and artificial intelligence began to be used to evaluate, predict, simulate, optimize and control the grinding process.

automatic stone polishing machine

stone polishing machine manufacturer through numerical control (CNC), automation and artificial intelligence technology, the polishing equipment and abrasive belt grinding process are improved, so that the grinding process can be self controlled, stable, environmental friendly and more suitable for high-efficiency batch production.

At present, high efficiency production, product energy saving and recycling, intelligent operation and unmanned management have become the development trend in the future, which should also be the mainstream development direction of automatic stone polishing machine manufacturer in the future.

cnc stone polishing machine

cnc stone polishing machine

automatic stone polishing machine features

Auto stone polishing machine manufacturer with high precision polishing machine features:

    1. efficient cnc stone polishing machine frequency conversion control to realize soft start, soft stop, small impact force and reduce workpiece damage.

    2. PLC polishing machine use touch screen operation panel. The rotation number, timing and grinding time of the grinding plate can be directly input on the touch screen, the speed can be adjusted, and the operation is convenient.

Quartz slab polishing line

Quartz slab polishing line

    3. UTAND Auto stone polishing machine Imported bearings and motors are used to ensure the stability and service life of the equipment and the precision requirements of the workpiece.

auto stone polishing machine manufacturers

    4. The workpiece of the grinder is pressurized by the weight of the weight block. After polishing, the surface of the workpiece has high brightness, no scratch, no material grain, no pockmark, no edge collapse and high flatness. After polishing, the surface roughness of the workpiece can reach ra0.0002, and the flatness can be controlled within ± 0.002mm.

    5. Auto stone slab polishing machine grinding plate adopts a water-cooled circulating system, the temperature can be controlled in a low temperature state, and the error is ± 1 ℃ to solve the problem that the heat generated in the grinding process makes the workpiece deformed.

automatic Stone Polishing Machine

automatic Stone Polishing Machine

    6. The gravity actuator cylinder has the function of protection and locking (i.e. it can keep the original state under the state of power off and gas cut-off)

    7. automatic stone polishing equipment is equipped with three stations (including three sets of weight pressing and self-locking systems), which can carry out polishing and grinding of three groups of products at the same time.

cnc stone polishing machine manufacturers

    8. Grinding fluid (or coolant) circulation filling system;

The transformation of automatic polishing machine to high-end has gradually revealed its strong development momentum, and the degree of automation and intelligence of the equipment will be greatly improved.

Therefore, automatic stone polishing machine manufacturer for the upcoming industry transformation and upgrading needs, to provide users with the latest, advanced polishing equipment.

stone polishing equipment


automatic stone polishing machine manufacturers of UTAND

automatic stone polishing machine manufacturers of UTAND is a direct selling manufacturer of automatic polishing machine.automatic stone polishing machine manufacturers of UTAND provides automatic polishing machine for a long time, and can configure reasonable scheme according to the actual situation of the enterprise. Processing speed is fast, operation is simple and safe, production efficiency is high; stone processing does not deformation, bending.

automatic stone polishing machine manufacturers of UTAND

automatic stone polishing machine manufacturers of UTAND focus on the production and wholesale of stone polishing machine, adopt the way of factory direct sales, omit the intermediate link, and have excellent quality, so that more enterprises can use the stone polishing machine with high cost performance, and can customize production according to the needs of enterprises.

automatic stone polishing machine manufacturers of UTAND has provided high quality service with high cost performance for hundreds of enterprises at home and abroad. After several years of development, our polishing machine products will meet the needs of domestic and foreign mechanical equipment industry perfectly! Welcome new and old customers to call for consultation.

stone polishing machine suppliers

stone polishing machine suppliers

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