single head automatic granite polishing machine

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automatic granite polishing machine

Automatic granite polishing machine is specialized for granite plank in polishing finishing machinery and equipment. The process of polishing and polishing natural stone such as granite: Check the shape of the product in the shape of the manufacturing process sheet, and then the polishing and polishing process can be entered.

single head automatic granite polishing machine

automatic granite polishing machine polishing the material before polishing, and then polishing and polishing.

First, a single head drawing line is roughed, and a fine grinding of 0.5 MM is left in rough grinding. Splicing: the lines that will be polished and polished are stitched together by the installation diagram, and the color selection is chosen according to the color of the line surface to ensure the color and pattern effect. Line water mill 500 # and after the requirement of the installation diagram, the number is unified, and then the polishing is taken apart so that the lines that are not polished and polished are not convex at the end of the contact.

When there is a mismatch in the connection, the grinding of the transition section should lengthen the distance, the longer the better, and use the ruler to check the straightness while polishing.

Finish polishing and polishing the line through quality check and check for shipment.Each number abrasive grinding polishing, or after grinding fine polishing should be inspected carefully see smooth grinding polishing, after a after grinding number should be generated when the mask off before a abrasive traces;

When polishing and polishing, the control of water quantity should be observed.When polishing and polishing, stretch as long as you can, the longer the better, so that the ripples are not created. The speed of polishing is fast; Using high speed polishing and polishing power tools;

Fine polishing the best molding processing mass line knife, doing so can reduce the workload of coarse grinding, and ensure that the quality of the line after coarse grinding, shape, the consistency of the good.

granite Slab polishing machine

granite Slab polishing machine

single head automatic granite polishing machine

single head automatic granite polishing machine adopts foreign design scheme and automatic system, combined with domestic market demand, the product has stable performance, high yield and low maintenance.

single head stone polishing machine chooses standard number casting, steel, Germany, Japan, Taiwan famous brand electrical appliance, famous brand bearing, motor, reducer and so on.

utand single head automatic granite polishing machine control system adopts PLC control terminal to liquid crystal display touch screen as the man-machine interface to set parameters, terminal equipment during operation with troubleshooting tips, and so on. The machine is suitable for the continuous grinding and polishing of granite slabs. The speed of the shift beam of the plate conveyor belt and grinding disk is the speed adjustment of the converter.

The grinding width of the abrasive disc is adjustable within the set range. The machine can automatically recognize the shape of the board, each grinding disk can be automatically raised according to the shape of the plate, and the grinding of the plate is tracked. The whole machine is manufactured according to the standardization, the performance reaches the domestic leading level.


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