artificial stone batching mixer

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what is artificial stone batching mixer

Artificial stone batching mixer a new type of mixed mixing equipment with high efficiency and no dead point. It has a unique and novel stirring form, which greatly improves the mixing uniformity of raw materials of artificial quartz slabs, and has a variety of colors and high efficiency.

artificial stone batching mixer

artificial stone batching mixer is a new type of No dead center high efficient mixture mixing equipment, it has a unique, innovative form of stirring, kettle with two or three layers and 1 ~ 2 automatic scraper blade blender, agitator in orbit around the body axis at the same time, and in different speed around its own axis high-speed rotation, the material inside the kettle for complex motion, strong shear and lay its efficiency usually several times for the artificial stone batching mixer.

artificial stone batching mixer There are usually two low-speed planet-stirring OARS (usually multi-diagonal paddle, flax-type, framed), one or two high speed planetary paddle (dispersing disk) and scraping wall paddle.

artificial stone batching mixer High efficiency, its stirring principle determines the mixing efficiency of the mixer stronger than the ordinary mixer.

Using a wide range of applications, studies have shown that artificial stone batching mixer can be applied to most materials with a viscosity of 1 million PCS and a solid content of less than 90%. With a variety of mixers and other auxiliary devices, the majority of ordinary mixer can be substituted in the market.

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line

artificial stone batching mixer of utand

artificial stone batching mixer main engine adopts the design of planetary gear reducer, low noise, high mechanical efficiency, which can save power use and reduce the space of equipment.

artificial stone batching mixer is suitable for chemical industry, light industry, food, batteries, pharmaceuticals, building materials, pesticides and other industries for multicomponent solid - solid, solid - liquid, liquid - liquid phase materials mixing, reaction, dispersion, dissolution, quenched and tempered process, such as ink, paint, adhesive, sealant, encapsulation adhesive paste, paste material, grease, paint, cream cosmetics, additives and so on the many kinds of high viscous material preparation. Use viscosity range of 10,000 ~ 1,000,000 CP. The form of agitator can be multi-layer slurry, frame type, butterfly type, outer wheel type, etc

Artificial stone mixer

Artificial stone mixer

artificial stone batching mixer of utand is aimed to optimize and improve the characteristics of synthetic quartz stone materials, which can meet the needs of the manufacturers. It is more uniform, more efficient, and the service life is longer


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