solid surface machinery

solid surface machinery

solid surface machinery of utand
Solid surface machinery is professional equipment applied to Solid surface production line, utand solid surface making machinery fully automatic CNC design, high production capacity and high quality solid surface slabs, the popular solid surface machinery in China.
Monochromatic solid surface: 900㎡/8h
Pattern solid surface: 370㎡/8h
Application of Solid surface machinery:
Solid surface machinery can use making solid surface slabs, acrylic board, artificial quartz stone decorative board , etc.

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UTAND are China's professional solid surface production line suppliers, we responsible for solid surface equipment production, quartz solid surface process design and training, to ensure our solid surface machinery products can meet the customer's production design requirements.

Below is utand solid surface machinery when working producing in customer's quartz solid surface factory:

solid surface manufacturing equipment

UTAND have a professional technical team and service team, they Has the world's leading solid surface machinery manufacturing capability and experience, is China's professional manufacturer of artificial quartz stone production line and solid surface production line.

solid surface manufacturing equipment includes mixing machinery, pressing machine, curing equipment, cutting machine, calibration polishing equipment system :

Quartz solid surface mixing machinery

Quartz solid surface mixing machinery Mix different batches of quartz sand and quartz powder evenly. Its purpose is to produce quartz stone solid surface without color difference with batch plates. When the mixing time is 50 minutes, the sand can be used.

solid surface mixing machinery

performance and advantages:

Cast steel rack is durable. The silicon dioxide adhered to the tank can prevent the friction between the quartz sand and the tank.

The automatic screw is introduced to measure the weighing system of the sand material, and the quantity of the weight is set to automatically stop the sand supply.

To prevent any possible contamination of quartz raw materials, suitable for any working condition. Safe, efficient, provincial and humane.

Artificial stone mixer

Artificial stone mixer

solid surface vacuum press machine

solid surface vacuum press machine is one of the most important in the solid surface production line, our pressing making machine needs to complete vacuum vibration pressingsolid surface slab, need configuration Cast steel base, cast steel indenter, high vibration and earthquake pressure.

solid surface vacuum press machine

utand solid surface vacuum press machine has the correct function of mitigating shock and shock, and does not need to produce high cost ground foundation. The pressing machinery ratio of vibration ratio is reasonable, and the quality problem of pressing quartz stone plate will not appear and our vibration mode is reasonable, and the flower color boards and the multi color plates for pressing quartz stone will not change with patterns;

artificial marble making machine

solid surface vacuum press machine

solid surface curing oven

solid surface curing oven

utand solid surface curing oven design the heat conducting oil circuit is reasonable (the temperature difference of the whole plate is not greater than 5 degrees), Independent research and development of 3 kinds of hot stove heating mode, effectively reduce the heating energy consumption of enterprises.

solid surface curing oven Heating furnace program and pull machine automation control matching is reasonable , effectively ensure the reasonable stability and uniformity of quartz stone in heating process.

artificial quartz stone curing oven

solid surface curing oven

solid surface distribution machine

solid surface distribution machine is designed and customized according to the customer's requirements and the actual working conditions of quartz distributing.

solid surface distribution machine

solid surface distribution machine of utand is an automatic distributor, after mixing evenly large workload for mixtures made of solid surface.

solid surface distribution machine mixture is evenly distributed in the distributing bin through the homogenizing system. The mixture is evenly distributed in the mold through decentralized propulsion and frame distribution.

performance and advantages:

  • utand solid surface distribution machine saves a lot of workload of material distribution and reduces working intensity. Fast distribution speed of mixture (40 seconds distribution speed in 3350mm*1850mm*20mm die)
  • PLC integrated control system, one-button to achieve uniform distribution (in the overall die, multi-point 300 mm*300 mm sampling weighing, error is not more than 100 grams), without manual assistance.
  • solid surface distribution machinery color change is fast and convenient , only a few modules need to be simply replaced to produce rapidly and continuously without cleaning the whole machine. Over 250 kg material distribution per minute
  • At the same time, it has low failure rate, low price, high performance and automation

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