Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line is simple in structure, easy to maintain and use, stable in performance and low in operation cost.
Design Advantages:
Utand solid surface production line have unique machine head & vacuum system design and technology patent.
Application of Solid surface production line:
CNC solid surface production line of utand can produce solid surface, acrylic board, artificial stone decorative board.

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Solid surface production line video

Our company's solid surface production line can produce solid surfacing material. utand solid surface production line provide computerized formula one-button-controlled and equipment production, solid surfacing material formula provision, process training, pattern board production training and other equipment related to solid surfacing material, process guidance training. The following is our production process of solid surface production line video:

Solid surface production line future development trend

With the production requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, circular economy, and increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers of solid surface are increasingly demanding solid surface production line.

The solid surface production line equipment manufactured by utand stone machinery constantly draws on the achievements of modern science and technology development, and meets the social requirements to the maximum extent.

Processing parameters have been gradually optimized, and the technical parameters of solid surface production line equipment have been greatly improved, which meets the requirements of high-efficiency processing of manufacturers of solid surface materials.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

Solid surface production line technology

Utand has developed a number of exclusive equipment and technology for solid surface production line, which greatly stabilizes the production process and technology improvement of solid surfacing material by using the exclusive design mode of machine head and the principle of viscosity ratio. In the vacuum of solid surface production line equipment, the maintenance free oil changing bipolar vacuum pump is also used.

Solid surface production line technology is to rationally design, plan and use the equipment on the basis of knowing the principle of solid surface production line, production technology and scientific and technological principles, so that the manufacturers of solid surface materials can apply advanced equipment and technology to reduce production costs and increase the competitiveness of solid surfacing material.

quartz slab production line

quartz slab production line

Solid surface production line machinery

Solid surface production line remix system

Double roolers frequency control mixing tank : stainless steel tank, brand motor ,frequency changer, hydraulic control go up and down system.

Adding remix tank: Configuration variable frequency variable speed mixing and mixing material weight display , brand motor.

Artificial stone mixer

Artificial stone mixer

Solid surface production line Heating tunnel system

1. Long artificial stone belt conveyor line: Corrosion-resistant silicone conveyor belt, high-strength conveyor, belt to prevent deviation of patented technology.

2. Long meters chain conveyor line and double heating system oven tunnel line: Metal chain exhaust heat heating technology, polyester sheet short-wave energy-saving heating technology Power; 50 kw.

Solid surface production line Heating tunnel

Casting machine:

Flow capacity, imports of high precision gear pump, curing agent, oil free screw depth of nitride bipolar vacuum pump, automatic cleaning system and auxiliary support rod slide swing feeding system.

Solid surface casting machine

Solid surface production line polishing equipment

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

Solid surface production line capacity of utand

Utand Solid surface production line capacity is very reasonable, we according to market demand to carry on the design, with the best quality production capacity and price.

  • solid surfacing material width 760MM, thickness 12MM; 1 m -2 m / min
  • The full length of solid surface production line:60 m
  • The full width of solid surface production line:3m
  • The powder of solid surface production line:100KW
  • The production cycle of solid surface production line:75days
  • The installation period of solid surface production line:30days
  • The warranty period of solid surface production line:12 months
  • solid surface production line case

    The samples of solid surface production line show

    While supporting the construction of solid surface production line, our company provides all solid surfacing material formulations, rigorous and scientific production technology and technical training And free to assist in the construction of technical laboratories and provide technical services, one-stop turnkey project.

    All the online accessories provided by our company are guaranteed quality and quantity tracking service, so as to avoid the worries of manufacturers of solid surface materials.

    solid surface production line product

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