solid surface making process

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solid surface making process introduce

solid surface making process is the production of various solid surface process, is through a variety of solid surface machinery reasonable process design, production of a specific specification of solid surface process.

solid surface making process

Artificial stones usually refer to man-made stone solid materials, artificial stone quartzite, artificial stone and so on. Different types of artificial stones have different compositions. The main ingredients are resin, aluminum powder, pigment and curing agent. Today we are going to introduce the production process of solid surface making process.

The manufacturing process of practical building materials using polymers is a chemical material reaction process. solid surface making process is a practical scientific material, artificial stone, which is produced with the progress of human social science and technology and is still being improved. It is mainly used in building decoration industry. solid surface making process is a new type of environmental protection composite material. Compared with stainless steel, ceramics and other traditional building materials, artificial stone not only has a variety of functions, rich colors, but also a wider range of applications.

solid surface making process machinery is use non-toxic, radioactive, flame-retardant, non-sticky oil, non-dirty, anti-bacterial and mold-proof, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, easy maintenance, seamless splicing, shape change.

solid surface stone is unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, and natural marble crushed stone, quartz sand, calcite, stone powder or other inorganic fillers Resin based artificial stone. It is processed by mixing and stirring, solidifying and molding, demoulding and drying, surface polishing, etc. with the addition of catalyst, solidifying agent, pigment and other additives in a certain proportion. The product with unsaturated polyester has good gloss, bright colors, strong machinability and good decorative effect; the resin has low viscosity, easy to form and can be cured at room temperature. The forming methods include vibration forming, compression molding and extrusion molding. The artificial stone used in interior decoration works is mainly resin type.

artificial stone production line

artificial stone production line

The binder used in composite solid surface includes inorganic materials and organic polymer materials. The production process is that the green body of cement mortar is first made of cement and stone powder, and then the green body is immersed in the organic monomer to polymerize under certain conditions.

For the plate, the bottom layer is made of stable and inexpensive inorganic materials, and the surface layer is made of polyester and marble powder. Inorganic cementing materials can be used for quick hardening cement, ordinary Portland cement, aluminate cement, fly ash cement, slag cement and plaster. Organic monomers can be used for styrene, methyl methacrylate, vinyl acetate, acrylonitrile, butadiene, etc. These monomers can be used alone or in combination. The cost of composite artificial stone products is lower, but the polyester surface is easy to spall or crack when it is affected by temperature difference.

Cement-type artificial stone is a kind of artificial stone which is made by mixing, stirring, autoclaving, polishing and polishing with various cement as cementing material, sand and natural gravel as coarse and fine aggregate. In the preparation process, mixed with pigments can be made into colored cement paste. The production of cement stone is convenient and inexpensive, but its decoration is poor. Terrazzo and all kinds of flower steps belong to this category.

The production method of sintered artificial stone is similar to that of ceramics. It is a mixture of feldspar, quartz, diabase, calcite and hematite powder as well as a certain amount of aged soil. The general proportion is 60% of stone powder and 40% of clay. The slab is prepared by mixing method, and is formed by semi-dry pressing method, and then in the kiln at about 1000 C. Calcined at high temperature. Sintered artificial stone has good decoration and stable performance, but it needs to be roasted at high temperature, so it has high energy consumption and high cost.

artificial quartz stone plant

artificial quartz stone plant

Unsaturated polyester resin has the characteristics of low viscosity, easy to form, good gloss, light color, easy to prepare various bright colors and patterns, fast curing, operating at room temperature, etc. Therefore, the most widely used stone is resin-based artificial stone produced with unsaturated polyester resin as cementing agent. Its physical and chemical properties are stable, and its application range is wide. It is also called polyester synthetic stone.

solid surface making process machinery

Solid surface making process plays a decisive role by Solid surface making machine ,and the price of Solid surface making machinery is the most concerned factor for solid surface manufacturers.

Solid surface making process Machinery for many factors that can decide the price, one of the mechanical model the materials and configuration, the determinants of Solid surface making mechanical equipment model, configuration, material selection why come from analysis of quotation is reasonable, you known, if under the condition of same series models, the equipment type, the greater the amount of material is more, the cost of the equipment cost increases, equipment prices will naturally high. In contrast, smaller machines have relatively low prices.

Solid surface making process Equipment configuration is very important. The higher the configuration required by the user, the higher the cost of equipment input, and the higher the overall quotation of the equipment.

Different solid surface making process machinery manufacturers, for manufacturing equipment material selection standards are different, such as material quality is higher, will increase the cost, then the equipment the overall price will be high, however, one point price one point goods, quality the best solid surface making machinery quality assured, equipment performance is not too bad, long service life and create benefit is also higher.

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Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line


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