solid surface casting machinery

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solid surface casting machinery for sale

solid surface casting machinery is an integral part of solid surface production line. Vacuum solid surface casting machinery can integrate absorption, pumping, spiral stirring and extrusion.

solid surface casting machinery

solid surface casting machinery adopts high-speed variable screw structure. Pump material is strongly sheared in high-speed mixing process and gets better plasticization and mixing. Curing agent is continuously added in the mixing process of slurry and homogenized with slurry in the continuous plasticization and mixing process to ensure uniform strength and reliable performance of the plate.

solid surface casting machinery adopts high-precision liquid metering pump, which can carry out stepless quantitative transportation of various liquids according to the range of user needs. It can provide metering pumps with special functions such as seemingly and riot-proof according to different requirements of process flow. Reliable stability can ensure the requirements of plate pouring.

solid surface casting machinery has unique design, excellent performance, high degree of automation, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Solid surface production line

Solid surface production line

solid surface casting machinery service

solid surface casting machinery can be designed and manufactured according to the user's requirements.

Responsible for solid surface casting machinery installation and commissioning, providing technical training, and guiding workers in trial production.

Provide the production process, operation procedures and technical support of the solid surface casting machinery.

Long-term supply of spare parts for solid surface casting machinery. Long-term free technical advice.

Our company's solid surface casting machinery can continuously pour products of different structures and sizes. After pouring, the mould does not need vibration and saves energy. The manual mould can be used for machine pouring with slight improvement, which saves investment cost and improves the utilization ratio of the mould. Welcome customers to visit our factory.

solid surface machinery

solid surface machinery


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