chinese automatic granite polishing machines

2017-12-20 10:03:50  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1835)

automatic granite polishing machines

automatic granite polishing machines mainly used for granite polishing, automatic granite polishing equipment absorbs the international advanced technology fully, the structure is reasonable, the performance is stable, the operation is efficient.

automatic granite polishing machines control system is advanced, it adopts PLC control, the man-machine interface with LCD display, the whole model has the contour automatic detection device, realizes the intelligent control.

chinese automatic granite polishing machines

automatic granite polishing machines conveyor belt use famous brand, uniform thickness, to ensure the plate thickness of the product and the transmission belt operation and beam swing can be adjusted by frequency converter to realize variable speed control.

automatic granite polishing machines low power consumption, low cost, high efficiency, easy operation and easy maintenance, it adopts the patented technology of internal cylinder, which makes the pressure force of the equipment even and reliable.

The equipment of automatic polishing machine granite is equipped with patent grinding disc, which has long life, low failure rate, high efficiency, low loss of abrasive wear, and not easy to be broken.

automatic granite polishing machines team of utand is composed of a group of people with more than 20 years of experience in the sales and maintenance of CNC stone polishing equipment. It is a professional automatic granite polishing machines service company which is worthy of trust. Welcome to the consultation!

automatic Stone Polishing Machine

automatic Stone Polishing Machine

chinese automatic granite polishing machines

chinese automatic granite polishing machines after nearly 20 years of development, has the international advanced level, products have long service life, high degree of automation, a lower cost than the developed countries, receive the global each country shi caihang's consistent high praise.

chinese automatic granite polishing machines machining automation process can be divided into the grinding machine and continuous operation of the single-block operation. All kinds of grinding processing adopt vertical axis constant pressure end face processing, which is because of the contact between the tool and the workpiece during the vertical axis machining, the processing area is large and the machining efficiency is high.

chinese automatic granite polishing machines working principle is given priority to motor through a belt drive make installed vertical spindle and the spindle of the mill as a rotary motion, using the handrail with two rocker arm can make the mill along the surface of stone products move and move up and down in a limited scope.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

chinese automatic granite polishing machines through pressure device or artificial compression on the mill grindstone of stone material surface grinding effect, thus finish grinding and polishing homework. It can be used to complete the whole operation of coarse grinding, semi - fine grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing by hand changing the grinding disk on the same machine.

chinese automatic granite polishing machines main development direction is to use electrical control technology, will be light, fluid, electric integration. Now the grinding of the large plate grinding equipment is thinner and thinner, and the thin plate grinding technology will be applied.


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