stone waxing machine

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stone waxing machine introduce

stone waxing machine is a kind of equipment which is applied to the surface of artificial stone board with anti-fouling wax, and it has strong effect on anti-fouling.

stone waxing machine

stone waxing machine is the last process of the process or stone plate processing of the material. It is one of the most important processes of stone care today, which is different from the traditional cleaning and polishing of marble in the company's business scope.

stone waxing machine fine polishing is a prelude to aren't stone care, stone care after polishing luminosity, high resolution, high wear-resistant, resistant to trample, not easy scratches, a true expression of stone use function and value.

Stone grinding block layer after polishing crystal layer and the continuing care of nursing) (commonly known as crystal, its there is no completely closed pore, stone can still inside and breathable, stone material is not easy to lesions. Also have certain waterproof, anti-fouling effect.

utand stone waxing machine

utand stone waxing machine operation is simple, easy to use, good adaptability for antifouling fluid, the wool polishing wheel polishing abrasive, make whole surface coating is more uniform, simple sense is more transparent, brick surface texture have stereo feeling more.

quartz waxing machine

quartz waxing machine

Our stone waxing machine is low processing cost, low mould material and anti-fouling fluid. Power consumption is low, the transmission assembly adopts small power motor polishing processing, reducing energy consumption.

stone waxing machine after the stone is waxed and polished, the stone material pore is completely closed, stone material can not breathe inside and outside, so stone material is prone to produce disease.

stone grinding block after polishing of stone waxing machine crystal layer and layer of continuing care with ease, don't need a cleaner to clean the ground, can be directly grinding block with clean water and dry grinding. It can be worn and cared for, and can be operated locally. There is no new contrast in the color of the stone surface.

After polishing the marble of stone waxing machine after a period of time, you need to remove the wax layer that is already old and need to use the wax water. It is necessary to operate in large area at the same time, not to be partial construction, and after partial construction, color difference appears.

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