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how to make artificial quartz stone

how to make artificial quartz stone

Artificial quartz stone production line equipment price is reasonable, overall cost can be reduced by 35% than that of the other factory, and we guidance on how to produce artificial quartz!
utand Has more than 100 successful construction of artificial quartz production line, help them to making high quality artificial quartz , there's a very rich experience in construction
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We maked artificial quartz stone quality is very high, no air, no cracks and high degree of automation, has been widely recognized by the market!

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artificial quartz stone making machine

how to make artificial quartz stone? The most professional major equipment is artificial quartz machine, artificial quartz plate under the vacuum state under the action of high pressure and strong vibration molding, artificial quartz plate produced by high density, bibulous rate is low. Pressure time by different formula, the thickness of the plate is different, generally for 2 ~ 4 min, after artificial quartz plate pressure, uncovering paper, shall ensure that each part is consistent with the paper/film bonding degree, cannot appear local bulge, when a finger touch, the entire board face must be consistent softness.

Artificial stone making machine

artificial quartz stone making machine

how to select raw materials to artificial quartz stone?

  • artificial quartz stone ingredients
  • Ingredients, namely the prepared according to the formula ratio of raw materials mixing of various kinds of synthetic quartz. Ingredients link, the looks be like simple, but it is not easy. Each artificial quartz manufacturers have their own secret recipe, belongs to the one of the top secret of enterprises, the proportion of the ingredients largely determines the color and texture of synthetic quartz, this requires the manufacturer has rich production experience.

  • artificial quartz stone mixing
  • Artificial stone mixer

    Artificial stone mixer

    Artificial quartz raw materials mixing, first in proportion to allocate the good resin, coupling agent and curing agent and pigment mixed with special mixing barrel inside proper time; At the same time add prepared quartz sand and the particles into a blender; The final will be the first two group of mixing raw materials mixing. Artificial quartz raw materials mixing uniform or not, directly affect the artificial quartz particle uniform color and final products or not. If artificial quartz product color and uneven grain, can be considered defective goods.

  • artificial quartz stone moulding
  • Will distribute the artificial quartz raw material mixture formation on the template, it is important to note that the board face level off, make sure that the thickness of the plate. And it is important to note that on the artificial quartz raw materials made of whole each covered a layer of kraft paper.

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      artificial quartz stone production line specializing in the production of synthetic quartz plate, mainly by raw material ingredients system, weighing system, mixing fabric blending system,

    • China's artificial quartz stone market analysis

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      Utand Stone Machinery analysis the huge potential of China's artificial quartz stone market,artificial stone market conditions similar to 10 years ago, in the future market

    • artificial quartz stone machinery price comparison

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      The main artificial quartz stone machinery of a artificial quartz stone production line include:artificial stone ingredients mixer, vacuum vibration pressing machine, high temperature curing furnace and artificial quartz stone slab cutting polishing Machine.

    • What is artificial quartz and how to production

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      Artificial quartz is made up of more than 90% of natural quartz and 10% of pigment, resin and other adjustment of adhesive and curing additive.

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      Engineered stone is divided into two types: natural engineered stone and artificial engineered stone. Everyone knows a lot about natural engineered stone.

    • automatic artificial stone production line

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      automatic artificial stone production line can be divided into automatic artificial marble production line and automatic artificial quartz production line.

    • artificial stone production line machine price

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      Artificial stone production line price generally by the design, the equipment cost, installation and debugging cost of three parts, the artificial stone production line machine is the main part of price, the real quality and production efficiency of production line should be mainly rely on equipment.

    • artificial quartz stone slab making machine

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      artificial quartz stone slab making machine Is a special manufacture artificial quartz plate machinery and equipment, the equipment by the pressure on the stand, vibrating head, vacuum system, the main parts, such as automatic compression system is the core of artificial quartz stone slab production line equipment.


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