artificial stone how to make

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artificial stone what kinds

Artificial stone is used to refer to artificial stone material, artificial quartz stone, artificial stone granite and so on. The artificial stone type is different, its composition is different also.

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line

The composition is mainly resin, aluminum powder, pigment and curing agent. Application of polymer and practical construction material, the manufacturing process is a kind of chemical reaction process, the material is produced with the progress of human society, science and technology, and also a practical science of continuous improvement man-made stone material is mainly used in building decoration industry, it is a new kind of environmental protection composite materials.

Compared with the traditional building materials such as stainless steel and ceramics, the synthetic stone is not only versatile, colorful and widely applied. Artificial stone is non-toxic, radioactive, flame retardant, non-viscous oil, non-seepage, antibacterial anti-mildew, wear-resisting, resistant to shock, easy to maintain, seamless patchwork, modelling change.

characteristics of artificial quartz stone, Appearance: the surface is clean, no stomata, the surface of the surface of the surface of the surface should have the particle suspension feeling, has certain transparency.

Physical and chemical properties: sufficient strength, stiffness, hardness, especially resistance to impact and scratches.

Durability: weatherproof aging, dimensional stability, resistance to deformation and quench quenching heat.

artificial stone how to make

artificial stone species: Artificial stone is "polymer polymers", usually based on unsaturated resin and aluminum hydroxide filler to advocate material, classics agitate, light, heating, such as polymerization process molding injection of polymer solid sheet ", generally called: "man-made stone resin plate".

Artificial stone, which is the main material of methyl methacrylate (MMA), also called yakeli artificial stone.

MMA, the synthetic stone of resin, is a practical artificial stone between the two man-made rocks.

artificial stone how to make

how to make artificial quartz stone ? The materials used for artificial stone are: 1, unsaturated resin; Powder (calcium powder or aluminum powder); Unsaturated resins with curing agent (methethyl ketone) and promoter (cobalt water).

artificial stone process: mix resin into the jar in the first accelerator even mixing two points can then put the corresponding additive colorant in stir 5 minutes into the vacuum powder and hardener stir evenly around 20 points, the slurry mixture to the prepared like the glass (in advance on the glass if samsung wax or ordinary floor wax can also called release agent) in 20 points products after curing, sheet at this time of the natural formation of the hardness is 70% without after curing (that is, in the constant temperature within the space between 50 and 80 degrees for 3 to 6 hours) need seven days completely reached 100% hardness, aliens without after curing, target boards require prior in the warehouse waiting for sales to the production of a lot of plate after curing to prevent deformation.


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