quartz stone slabs polishing machine

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quartz stone slabs polishing machine introduce

quartz stone slabs polishing machine is professional for quartz slabs grinding special-purpose machinery and equipment, based on the hardness characteristics of quartz, by physical mechanical action, the coarse quartz surface degree of finish, in order to obtain lighting and flat on the surface of quartz stone slabs.

quartz stone slabs polishing machine

quartz stone slabs polishing machine use high-speed polishing wheel (circumferential velocity in more than 20 m/s) pressure to the workpiece, the grinding on the workpiece surface and micro cutting rolling, thereby gaining light processing quartz stone slabs surface, the surface roughness generally can reach Ra0.63 ~ 0.01 microns; When a non-lipid polishing agent is used, the surface of the light can be used to improve the appearance.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

quartz stone slabs polishing machine burnish the consistency of the good, the line of different sizes can be installed in a order, has the very good interchangeability, polishing lines without waves, quartz stone slabs surface flatness and straightness is very good, back to the plane of polishing products used for arc degree good, quartz stone slabs polishing high luminosity, High efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of polishing and polishing, Improving the working environment of polishing and polishing, quartz stone slabs polishing machine Suitable for polishing production line.

utand quartz stone slabs polishing machine

utand quartz stone slabs polishing machine fully automatic continuous grinding of new design, absorbing the most advanced granite plate polishing technology, and creating a number of patented technologies.

our bridge polishing machine in china reasonable structure, perfect processing technology, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving. Electric multi - selection of international brand components, adopt PLC control and display human-computer interface through liquid crystal display, realize intelligent control, utand quartz stone slabs polishing machine use computer scanner is provided to automatically detect the profile of the board. It has the grinding head to automatically avoid the function.

utand quartz stone slabs polishing machine working width (mm) : 600-1650, set 16 oscillating polishing grinding disks, each driving power of 11KW.

our quartz polishing machine swing beam is adopted for grinding disc, gear box frequency control, power 2 x 2.2 KW. the grinding head automatically rises and falls using the dual cylinder structure, the grinding head lubrication adopts automatic lubrication device. the main drive adopts cycloidal needle wheel reducer, frequency control and power 4KW.the transmission speed digital display function, conveyor belt adopts high quality PVC flat belt.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment


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