Artificial engineered stone introduced

2016-12-06 09:24:15  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1706)

Engineered stone is introduced:

Engineered stone is divided into natural stone and artificial stone. People use natural stone material, has a long history and rich experience. Natural stone material has the characteristics such as high compressive strength, durability, wear resistance, but the drawback is low tensile strength, since the major, brittleness and poor seismic performance. Due to resource and performance limit, by performance gradually better artificial engineering stone instead.

Artificial engineered stone from birth has been decades of history, through continuous research, development and innovation, has developed a variety of artificial engineered stone material, widely used in commercial, residential, and even military fields, etc.

Artificial engineered stone

The classification of artificial engineered stone:

Artificial engineered stone, due to different materials and the processing method, divided into: cement type engineered stone; The resin type engineered stone; Complex engineered stone; Sintered engineered stone.

Engineered stone manufacturing process and advantages

Artificial engineered stone is be made of curing, based on unsaturated polyester resin adhesives, match with inorganic powder ,such as natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder, and the right amount of flame retardant, color, etc., by mixing, casting porcelain, vibration and compression molding, extrusion, etc.

utand artificial engineered stone

Compared with natural stone, artificial stone with colorful, finish, color uniformity, high compressive strength and wear resistant, good toughness, compact structure, strong and durable, not bibulous, light-weight, resistance to erosion and weathering, color difference is small, fastness, low radioactivity etc. With the advantages of comprehensive utilization of resources, in environmental protection and energy saving has not underestimate role, is also worthy of the name of building materials of green environmental protection product. Has become a modern architecture preferred finishing materials.


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