Artificial quartz stone producing process for sale

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Artificial quartz stone producing process introduction:

Quartz is a kind of physical characters and chemical shape are very stable mineral resources. Now artificial quartz stone is basically sold in the form of sheet on the market. The artificial quartz stone on sole, its producing process is added in the the quartz powder unsaturated resin, etc. The main composition of the artificial quartz stone is quartz, more than 94%.about utand stone machineryArtificial quartz stone production line case for sale

Artificial quartz stone producing process in detail:

Now, on the market, the specific producing process of artificial quartz stone is as follows:

Artificial quartz stone raw material acquisition: artificial quartz raw materials mainly include: raw and auxiliary materials such as glass, quartz, resin.

Artificial quartz stone raw material selection: using the fan, iron removing equipment , artificial selection, the artificial quartz grain clear of impurity in the raw material, scrap iron, etc.

Artificial quartz stone ingredients: the selected artificial quartz stone raw materials be transported into the mixing system, all raw materials mixing, after input into the mixing tank.

Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line process

  • Artificial quartz stone raw materials mixing: in the cabin, artificial quartz stone raw materials will be fully mixing.
  • Fabric: mixed materials, the mixture through the conveyor belt, into the cloth car, skip again tarps material cloth evenly into the cloth inside the frame.
  • High frequency vibration vacuum clamp: fabric finished, transfer to the press equipment, vacuum conditions in 0.1 MPa, carries on the vibration suppression.
  • Heating curing stereotypes: pressing, gross-pui into curing furnace, 85-110 ℃ hot forming.
  • Thickness grinding: gross-pui after curing, after 24 hours of cooling, into the thickness equipment.
  • Polishing: after thickness, through polishing machine, grinding and polishing.
  • Inspection: to test plate appearance quality.
  • Cut board: use of cutting equipment, cutting to the required size.
  • Artificial quartz stone plate to warehouse: cutting good products, good air drying after packing, into the warehouse stores.

The development of artificial quartz stone producing process:

At present, the artificial quartz stone producing process gradually formed, but it also has the very big development space. The future development direction is to improve the product quality, increase product variety, promote the use of range.


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