stone cutting and polishing machine

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stone cutting and polishing machine maintaining

stone cutting and polishing machine need regular maintenance. Today UTAND stone machinery introduces the maintenance methods of stone cutting and polishing machine.

stone cutting and polishing machine

At the ends of the stone cutting and polishing machine, rack and pinion oil tank should be kept sealed and the height of the oil surface should be kept. The V guide rail and the rack rack should also keep the height of the oil surface in the oil pool of the bed. When the oil is deteriorated or water enters, the oil should be changed in time. The manual pump for the lifting and lubricating system of the round guide rail shall be 30# mechanical oil and at least once per class. Always observe the front and rear movements of the machine, the reducer and the oil window of the spindle, and change the oil at least once a year.

stone cutting and polishing machine must add lubricating oil or grease to each shift for the turning axis of the overturning table, the overturning oil cylinder support, the piston rod support axis, and the gear shift mechanism of the worktable. When the work is finished, the worktable must be raised so that the turnover mechanism can be moved once, avoiding the rust death, and it is beneficial to dry the worktable and prevent the wood from rotting.

stone cutting and polishing machine controls the turn and turn button box of the worktable. It can not avoid splashing water when cutting the plate. It will cause the rust of the button contact for a long time. It is necessary to check and remove the rust spot regularly. The device uses 18 miniature relays in the PLC control system. The contact capacity is small and the action is frequent. The relay often causes bad contact phenomenon, so it should be checked and replaced when the relay is in. The relay can be used only if it is opened and lightly polished. The plug of each solenoid valve will also have loose contact fault, and it should also be reproduced.

Bridge cutting machine

Bridge cutting machine

Natural stone can produce a lot of diseases through the influence of pollution and environmental factors in the process of deep processing, mining and transportation. It needs cleaning and grinding in order to restore its value and beauty.

It is often caused by oxidation of pyrite and iron mineral in granite (two valent iron oxidizes to trivalent iron), and acid will decompose calcium carbonate contained in marble and convert it into calcium bicarbonate, causing surface erosion, and alkali will also corrode grain boundary of feldspar and quartz silicides in granite. Therefore, acid and alkali materials are the primary cause of damage to the surface of stone.

There are many kinds of wax in the market, such as water wax, stearic acid wax, oily wax, acrylic wax and so on. These waxes are based on acid and alkali materials. It not only blocks the pores of the stone's breath, but also forms dirt and dirt on the surface of the stone, resulting in yellowing of the stone surface.

In order to be quick and clean, the general cleaners all contain acid and alkalinity, so if the clean agent of unidentified ingredients is used for a long time, the gloss of the stone surface will be lost, and the residual of the non neutral agent is also the main cause of the stone disease in the future.

Stone Cutting equipment

Stone Cutting equipment

Adhere to the smooth stone breathing, should avoid long covering the carpet and debris on the stone surface, otherwise, the wet gas under the stone can not evaporate through the stone pores. The stone will be aggravating because of the heavy moisture, the increase of water content and irritating stone disease, such as the laying of carpets, pile up, please do not forget to often change.

stone cutting and polishing machine quality control

The mine selects the mine with high quality, large reserves and strong mining capacity, and the same project is designated to mine the same vein area, so as to ensure the stability of the source of the waste material;

After the raw materials are put into the factory, the materials are carefully selected according to the engineering drawings, and the material plan is determined through visual observation, water pouring, and comparison of the grinding blocks;

After finishing the plate, by selecting the plate sample of each waste material, contrast and adjust the material plan carefully; 4. The specification plate is cut well, after the protection is completed, the layout is spread on the ground according to the stitching map, and the color difference is further adjusted in the company's unique non direct light typesetting workshop. Make the color, the pattern transition natural, harmonized.

The control measures of the quality of waste material are divided into two steps: the selection of waste material in the mine and the process of selection of waste material before production: the selection of waste material in the mine shows that the mine has the advantages of good quality, large reserves and strong mining capacity, and the project is designated to exploit the same vein area to guarantee the source of the quality of the waste material; the professional purchasers adopt a spray of six faces. The method of water strictly checks the quality of every block. The specific method is to spray the water evenly on the surface of the waste material with a special water sprinkler, and then blow dry with a compressor. When the waste stone will be dry, it is clear that the grain of the waste material is normal, there is no color difference, impurity and other defects, so that the quality of the waste material can be guaranteed more than the traditional visual method. In addition, the use of fixed height 3D marking method in mining process can fundamentally guarantee the consistency of material, color and pattern of raw material.

Automatic steel sand analysis and supply system, without manual analysis of mortar, the system is automatically compensated according to the internal program according to the internal program. It effectively eliminates the processing steps formed in the surface of the saws and saws, which is easily produced by other types of sands saw and saw, effectively guarantees the flatness of the large plate, and the ultra wide and ultra wide processing range makes the production efficiency the other types of sand pulls. The saws are 1.5 - 3 times, with a single monthly output of 4000.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment


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