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2017-03-13 09:02:01  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1753)

what is stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine is the thickness of the stone plate processing and special equipment, used for the thickness of the slab production to the standard, has been applied to meet the demand

Stone calibration machine applied in building Stone market is very broad, because many of the Stone material of architectural decoration need standard thickness. Requirements for high quality requirements or the thickness of high stone material needs to be done on thick, thicknessing and it doesn't matter, the kinds of stone is only related to customer quality requirements, whether in granite, marble, artificial stone, microcrystalline stone, as long as the thickness of the rough machining dimension can not meet the customer's need, Stone calibration machine need to be thick.

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

best quality of stone calibration machine manufacturers

utand as manufacturers for stone calibration machine, to produce the best quality equipment, the most superior performance, the most affordable price,Utand stone machinery production stone calibration machine process is very strict, every link in the process of production control is very strict, the equipment will be before they go out on the quality of detection, only fully meet the requirements of the quality of equipment to the factory sales, so the quality is the best.

utand stone calibration machine is designed for calibrate thickness before polishing artificial quartz stone slab. digital display and automatic controlled by electrical motor, to ensure accurate of the slab thickness! Utand as China's first brand of high quality stone calibration machine manufacturers, welcome to visit our factory!


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