cnc quartz cutting machine

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Artificial quartz cutting machine introduce

Artificial quartz cutting machine is a special quartz cutting equipment, is a kind of the cutting knife group, stone conveying, positioning guide plate and frame composed of multiple blade multistage stone cutting machine. For quartz stone features, structural improvement, better suited to quartz plate cutting machine. So to adapt to the cutting machine operation from time to tome what items need to be aware of?

quartz cutting machine

Artificial quartz cutting machine

quartz cutting machine introduce attention

To adapt to the cutting machine are strictly prohibited to wear gloves operation. If in the process of operation will cause dust, should wear masks or mask.

Shall not attempt to cut saw not clamping workpiece, powerful saw cutting operation, should not be conducted before cutting to make the motor at full speed. Don't allow anyone to stand behind the saw. Or any one hand raised his arm. Shield in place may not be operating, shall not put hand within 15 cm away from blades, before the repair or replacement parts must cut off power supply first, and such as saw blades to a full stop.

utand cnc quartz cutting machine operation is simple, environmental protection, clean, convenient, professional, accurate, high quality and efficient. our cnc quartz cutting machine linear cutting all kinds of ceramic tile, wall brick and floor tile, solid brick, ceramic plate, vitrified porcelain brick and flat glass.

stone cutting machine equipment not only can smooth cutting, and improve the efficacy of more than 5 times, knife wheel life extension 2 ~ 4 times, cutting edge tidy, low cost, no noise, light, easy to use and carry, and welcomed by the masses of the eagerness.


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