granite cobblestone making machine

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what is granite cobblestone making machine?

granite cobblestone making machine is a special manufacture granite cobblestone machinery and equipment, to produce the pebbles are widely used in public buildings, villas, garden architecture, paved roads (park inside building the cobblestones long have the effect of prolong life), park rockery, bonsai filling materials, garden art and other advanced superstructure.

granite cobblestone making machine

granite cobblestone making machine working principle is cobblestone material from the hopper into the first pebbles sand production equipment, through the distributor is divided into two parts, part of the upper vertical by machine be accelerated quickly fell into a high-speed rotating impeller, then under the action of centrifugal force, high speed injection from the left wheel, and another part of the umbrella form distribution near the impeller material to produce high speed impact crushing.

granite cobblestone making machine rushed to the vortex cavity lining material and lining material rebound to the top of the vortex chamber, change the direction of movement, make its deflection downward movement, and the material to form a continuous emitted from the impeller passage material curtain. The material was crushed after multiple impact and friction, and discharged from the bottom discharge hopper.

granite cobblestone making machine working examines the triangle strip of the transmission, and promptly replace the broken triangular belt and wipe the oil on the belt and belt. Ensure all parts are fastened and cleared for all tools on the cobblestone making machine or machine.

granite cobblestone making machine Operation is strictly prohibited by non-operating personnel. The operator must wear a safety helmet and wear the work clothes and other labor protective equipment before operation. Irrelevant people stay away from the equipment. After safe production conditions, press the operation procedure to start up.

cobblestone making machine

cobblestone making machine

Utand granite cobblestone making machine

Utand granite cobblestone making machine detachable imported bearings and advanced spindle design make the machine features heavy load and high speed rotation. The main shaft bearing of granite cobblestone making machine is lubricated with thin oil station, which can improve the service life of the bearing.

Utand granite cobblestone making machine unique rivet technology, which increases the strength and toughness of the body, effectively reduces the machine resonance, and does not have obvious unbalanced vibration in the work without heavy foundation support.

Our granite cobblestone making machine vulnerable parts are made of high quality wear-resistant materials and long service life. The material cushion in the impeller and the broken cavity can greatly reduce wear and maintenance costs.


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