artificial quartz stone production line common problems and solutions

2017-03-02 10:52:33  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1722)

artificial quartz stone production line introduce

Artificial quartz production line mainly has the following several parts:

  • 1. The ingredients, color mixing, mixing, fabric system
  • 2. High frequency oscillation vacuum hot pressing molding equipment
  • 3. The nc thermal curing furnace or curing room
  • 4, MAO board thickness and polishing after curing
  • 5, cutting, packaging, warehousing products
  • Each manufacturer of the equipment are all the same, the difference is that the structure of the artificial stone equipment, precision, automation, humanities environmental aspects of the difference

    artificial quartz stone production line common problems and solutions

    Quartz, the production process, because of improper operation, can produce all kinds of defects, such as deformation, crack, fade, discolor, glutinous rice dough, watermark, pinhole, porosity, impurities, etc. How to avoid the generation of these defects, reduce the cost of waste, summed up the experience in the following:

    Artificial quartz stone production line

    Artificial quartz stone production line

    Deformation: the main is recipe composition, curing, curing whether sufficient, whether the semi-finished products/finished product storage is appropriate. Solution is as follows: 1) establish reasonable formula structure, reasonable curing method and accurate curing methods such as secondary curing technology, let the plate movement up and down heating, heat. 2) according to the quality of resin and choose reasonable way of storage.

    Color: the color change is mainly related to the performance of the resin, pigment, curing agent. The solution is as follows: 1) USES the resin with good stability. 2) the thermal curing agent, in order to ensure that in the process of heating curing agent can be fully response no residue. 3) using inorganic pigment, good weather resistance.

    Porosity, porosity is divided into two categories, one is the small pinhole, usually because vacuum amounted to less than 0.1 MPa, and the formula of resin content is too high; The second is the process by which a large holes, usually because the formula structure is unreasonable, uneven fabric, press down without density, fabric stress caused by uneven. To prevent the method is: one should use good vacuum equipment, adopt the special vacuum pump oil and do good maintenance; Secondly, the press and pipeline sealing better, press the vacuum chamber is smaller; Three is to make good formula structure; Four is to have a good molding equipment and mature production technology and operation procedures.

    The presence of the watermark, the watermark is a plank in the process of suppression, local pressure and movement caused by uneven plate internal caused by the uneven distribution of the reagent used. But powerful press, pressure and vibration under control in the production process of mature, is a good way to prevent this problem.

    Mark: grinding mark is the most common problem, especially in the dark plate, and pure color board. Using special grinding block, can reduce or eliminate the dark mark, according to the different choice of the color of the plate and particle reasonable polishing speed.


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