china bridge stone machinery

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china bridge stone machinery introduce

china bridge stone machinery is the machinery and tools needed in the process of stone mining, processing and decoration.

china bridge stone machinery around the stone material production process and related auxiliary process, they use the machine, spare parts, tools, auxiliary materials, instruments and constitute of the whole production process of stone machinery.

china bridge stone machinery

china bridge stone machinery classify

  • 1. stone machinery Classification according to production process
  • Stone machinery can be divided into the stone mining, stone processing machinery, stone renovation, stone maintenance machinery, stone tools, stone material testing machine, etc., there are some tools and auxiliary equipment, such as diamond saw blade, abrasive, abrasive, stone chemical protective equipment, all kinds of stone monitoring instrument, etc.

  • 2. Classification according to processing technology for china bridge stone machinery
  • Include cutting machines and drilling RIGS. If the cutting machine, in the cutting stone material wool board, the site is decorated, the test will be used to have the cutting machine of the diamond knot (or the whole side) circular saw blade; In the case of drilling RIGS, china bridge stone machinery redecorating and carving of artwork will also be used for different types of drilling RIGS.

  • 3. china bridge stone machinery Classification according to tool materials
  • For example, stone processing tools made of diamond and cubic boron nitride are collectively referred to as super hard materials. The synthetic stone equipment made from stone material is called artificial stone production line.

    china bridge stone machinery of utand

    In the past ten years, the development of Chinese stone machinery equipment has made great progress, and some of them have reached the international advanced level. But China has not produced yet in high-end technology.

    bridge saw

    bridge saw

    From china bridge stone machinery enterprise overall production line automation degree, compared with abroad still has a gap, some production links still rely on human operation, not only influence the production efficiency, also because the quality of employees is not high product quality is unstable factors. Stone world powers in Italy stone enterprises even if most of the use of a high degree of automation production line, but still need to have a certain stone material knowledge and experienced personnel, control the technological parameters of the process to produce top stone products.

    utand stone machinery has the industry's most advanced mechanical processing equipment, warehousing logistics systems, assembly production lines and a more than 300 professional research and development, production and sales and service team, and successively passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and the European Union CE safety certification, TUV certification, annual production capacity of 3000 units/sets, annual output value of more than 400 million yuan.

    china bridge stone machinery of utand products are sold all over the world, among which the export proportion reaches 30%, and the product quality and service level are highly praised in the a high-tech enterprise with long history and good reputation in the domestic stone machinery manufacturing industry.Welcome to our factory to visit purchasing!


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