artificial stone making machine manufacturer

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artificial stone making machine manufacturer

Over the past more than 10 years, considerable progress has been made in the development of China's artificial stone making machine manufacturer.

artificial stone making machine manufacturer

The sawing machine uses saws as tools, sawing and cutting wood through sawing or band saw reciprocating motion or circular saw rotation. The common saws have a band saw and a circular saw machine.

The artificial stone making machine used for stones is the machinery and tools needed in the process of stone mining, processing and decoration. In addition, there are related auxiliary processes around the process of stone production. The machinery, spare parts, tools, auxiliary materials and instruments are used to make all the machinery in the process of the whole stone production process.

The equipment is composed of one stone, one stone, one stone, one stone and one stone. The operation is convenient, the efficiency is high, and the maintenance and maintenance are simple.

The imitation technology and the imitation processing of the stone special-shaped products of the equipment and equipment are the characteristics of the shape of the mechanism and the synchronism of the coordinates of the input and output points, and a mechanical processing mode based on the product model. This forces the production model and equipment of stone processing enterprises to have enough flexibility and agility.

artificial stone making machine manufacturer can change the variety, update the design, shorten the production cycle, reduce the production cost, improve the quality of the product and the quality of service, so as to stand steady in the fierce market competition. But in the existing processing equipment in the market, even the CNC machining centers with relatively complete functions can not meet the needs of the users because of the high processing cost, which makes the contradiction between the demand of many varieties of the stone special-shaped product market and the production equipment unable to meet the demand.

Artificial stone making machine

Artificial stone making machine

Functional characteristics of stone cutting machine of artificial stone making machine

Therefore, we urgently need multi-function, low cost and wide range of computer CNC machining equipment to adapt to the production mode of stone special-shaped products, meet the needs of the users with the lowest cost and the highest quality in the shortest delivery period, and improve the competitive ability in the market.

In view of this demand, we can apply modular design technology and reconfigurable thinking to develop and develop special equipment for stone processing. This series of equipment can be based on two vertical columns and one kind of equipment of Zhang Lizhu.

Through the exchange and reconstruction of the power module and the worktable module, the processing equipment of different functional stone special-shaped products can be obtained, and most of the stone special-shaped products can be processed, such as plane, surface, relief, and stereoscopic sculpture.

1, adopt automatic intelligent control, through the nose up and down rotation can realize cutting, chamfering, drilling, grinding, slotting and other functions.

2, through the rotation of the nose about 90 degrees, the bridge cutting function can be realized.

3, we can add two or three dimensional computers according to the requirements of users to achieve the function of cutting special-shaped.

4. The cutting feed speed is stepless speed regulation by frequency converter. The feed speed is adjusted according to the processing of different media. The equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.

artificial stone making machine price

artificial stone making machine price

5, the machine has absorbed the characteristics of the same type at home and abroad, and the conjoined style is simple and beautiful.


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