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quartz stone slab calibration machine

quartz stone slab calibration machine

quartz stone slab calibration machine is indispensable in the process of stone processing equipment, the purpose is to use milling way to stone material according to the technological requirements processed into the required thickness!
machine Advantages:
utand stone machinery quartz stone slab calibration machine is designed for calibrate thickness before polishing artificial quartz stone slab. digital display and CNC automatic controlled by electrical motor, to ensure accurate of the slab thickness!
Working width * thickness:
utand quartz stone calibration machine working in our artificial quartz stone production line, We provide custom service free of charge!:
600~2100(mm)* 8~40(mm)

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quartz stone slab calibration machine

Stone calibration machine is mainly composed of lathe bed, belt roller, fixed guide rail, activity crossbeam, power head (cutter) and electric control system and other parts. Milling method and can be subdivided into plane milling cutter and the cylinder hob.

utand quartz stone slab calibration machine through roughing and semi-finishing and finishing three processing , quartz stone slab forming in one time. our stone slab calibration machine device of belt adopts pneumatic cylinder drag, implementing plate horizontal conveying; Beam installed three power head, before and after exercise; Each power head is equipped with hob, implement plate milling.

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

stone slab calibration machine working principle

First of all according to the process requirements, adjust the vertical height of three hob; start three power head, open beam and plate in the belt; belt drive, for intermittent motion; moving the belt once in place, the cross beam drives forward after milling cutter, and then quickly return cycle, until the completion of the plate processing.

utand quartz stone slab calibration machine even modelling, concise and beautiful. Cutter disc and cutter with screw connection, for processing different types of plates. Knife plate movements flexible adjustment is convenient, with precision calibration display and locking device, the knife dish positioning accuracy, strong. Feed speed with frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Simple operation, stable running, high machining accuracy.

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