auto stone calibration machine

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auto stone calibration machine introduce

auto stone calibration machine calibration for all kinds of stone plate standard thickness, processing automatically by the CNC control system to the standard stipulated by the thickness of the professional equipment, thicknessing and it doesn't matter, the kinds of stone is only related to customer quality requirements, is a deep processing of stone products and fine operation

auto stone calibration machine

auto stone calibration machine is driven by pneumatic cylinder, and the horizontal direction of the plate is carried out. Three power heads are installed on the beam, before and after motion; Each power head is equipped with hob, and the plate milling.

auto stone calibration machine daily maintenance

auto stone calibration machine is strictly forbidden to touch the transmission parts by hand; The machine or the body lifting and handling must develop a safe and reliable scheme indeed, chooses devices, spreader, tools, such as must ensure that the lifting, handling the safety of the working process of cutting, the debugging process,

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

auto stone calibration machine is forbidden to non-working personnel stay in side; In stone thicknessing machine maintenance and repair work to remove the parts such as security guard, must be removed the security guard placed in the parts of security, not others produce insecurity position on the site.

auto stone calibration machine beam adopts hydraulic servo speed regulating system, the beam motor drives the hydraulic pump, through the hydraulic servo system, the hydraulic motor realizes the stepless speed regulation of the beam. At present, China's mechanical equipment seldom adopts hydraulic servo system for speed adjustment. After the failure of equipment, the same failure components can not be procured in China.

utand auto stone calibration machine

The modification scheme of auto stone calibration machine: on the basis of the original working process of the equipment, two automatic processing modes are added, namely the rear end feed and the front and rear feeding. In the single-end feeding mode, three kinds of back - cutting methods are added: high speed return knife, medium speed return knife and slow back knife.

auto stone calibration machine after the completion of the reconstruction, the beam runs smoothly, the commutation has no impact, the speed regulation is convenient. In automatic machining mode, due to the increased after the front feed, feed, feed back and forth three processing mode selection, improve work efficiency, especially before and after "feed" function, to improve work efficiency by two times.

automatic stone calibration greatly reduces the failure rate and saves the maintenance cost. Through this transformation, we have achieved our intended purpose, which is to increase the variety of working methods of stone thickening machine, which greatly improves the working efficiency. more about auto stone calibration machine info stone calibration machine price in india


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