What is artificial quartz and how to production

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What is artificial quartz?

Artificial quartz is made up of more than 90% of natural quartz and 10% of pigment, resin and other adjustment of adhesive and curing additive. With wear-resisting, withstand voltage, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, anti seepage characteristics. Its application range is very wide, such as: kitchen countertops, laboratory countertops, a window, the bar, elevator, ground, metope, etc. In places which have high requirement to building materials, artificial quartz are applicable.

artificial quartz composition

The production equipment of artificial quartz

Artificial quartz is through special machine under the condition of certain physical and chemical is a negative pressure vacuum and high frequency vibration molding, heat curing methods of production and processing of plate. Artificial quartz equipment mainly has the following several parts:

artificial quartz making machine

artificial quartz making machine

  • 1. The ingredients, color mixing, mixing, fabric system
  • 2. High frequency oscillation vacuum hot pressing molding equipment
  • 3. The NC thermal curing furnace or curing room
  • 4. The board thickness and polishing after curing
  • 5. Cutting, packaging, warehousing products

The production process of artificial quartz

Quartz plate concrete process as follows:

artificial quartz production process

Dispersion machine (scattered unsaturated resin); Mixer (quartz sand and resin material such as mixed); Vacuum press (plate quality depends on the equipment, material mixture stand to mold into the press, after using the vibration, vacuum, pressure will push back the sheet forming, good equipment, plate, sheet of compactness and yield enough.) ; Oven (sheet shorten curing time, increase production, there are fixed type oven and tunnel kiln drying oven two forms); Longitudinal cutting machine (for quartz plate cutting edge trimming); Thickness machine (quartz plate leveling); Plate turnover flap (180 degrees); Quartz, special continuous polishing machine (surface polishing); Nano polishing machine (on the basis of the polishing surface nano processing, make it more beautiful); Laminating machine (protection) for factory.

Utand professional factory for artificial quartz stone machinery

Now each manufacturer of equipment are the same, the difference is that the structure of the artificial quartz equipment, precision, automation, humanities environmental aspects of the difference. Which aspects are key factors in determining the quality of the production of artificial quartz products. utand engineered quartz machine products the indicators are recognized by the artificial quartz market, concrete manifestation in:

  • Mixer, mixing uniformity, good design and color is diversiform, high efficiency.
  • Vacuum press: rapid forming technology.
  • Oven: rapid hardening, overcome the deformation.
  • Nano polishing machine, automatic intelligent.
  • Controller: adopting PLC touch screen, fully automated production.
  • Hope the above introduction can give you some help.

artificial quartz of utand


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