bridge cutting machine china

2017-12-20 09:39:31  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1794)

bridge cutting machine in china

Bridge cutting machine in China is a widely used stone cutting machine, which is used for large-scale stone cutting, and there are many manufacturer for bridge cutting machine in China.

bridge cutting machine china

bridge cutting machine in china also call is the bridge type diamond circular saw, a large disk saw machine, automatic bridge type stone sawing machine, granite stone disk saw machine, longmen stone sawing machine, diamond stone sawing machine, bridge type stone cutting machine, stone processing machinery 1600 disk saw, 1800 disk saw, etc, china bridge cutting machine is mainly used for cutting marble, granite, bluestone, tombstone, etc.

Bridge cutting machine main structure is composed of beams and composite dragging plate system, with the method of dragging plate up and down movement to achieve vertical feed, dragging plate about yan beam movement to achieve transverse feeding, main motor drives the saws for cutting stone material, the type of disk saw machine structure is simple, compact, low cost, high efficiency, wide applicable scope, is the most common stone machine, and therefore is widely used in the stone industry.

Bridge cutting machine from china Suitable for marble of various hardness of above 5mm, granite. It has the advantages of high cutting and leveling reading, low crushing rate and high yield.Bridge stone cutting machine Load-bearing 20-40t,1700mm X 1700mm 8 roller type rotary harvester. the main engine walking adopts the oil immersed dovetail structure, sliding parts home wear wear-resisting material, the walk is stable and durable.

Stone Cutting equipment

Stone Cutting equipment

bridge cutting machine china of utand

bridge cutting machinery of utand is the first stone machinery brand in China, and its products are sold in more than 20 countries and have been well received by customers. Our mechanical material should meet all the provisions of GB/T1348 not note size tolerance is not lower than IT14, did not note form tolerance level is not lower than C, electric control should be rational layout, program is accurate, safe and reliable.

Bridge cutting machinery of utand is new equipment is specially designed for the shortcomings of single arm large cut and long door cutting. Adopt oil-immersed guide rail, beam automatic sharding, rapid and accurate. The waste material is placed directly on the ground, stable and unwavering, extending the service life of the machine, blade and sheet. The hydraulic cylinder lifting structure improves cutting efficiency and cutting precision. Easy to install and reduce maintenance costs.

Bridge cutting machinery of utand are quick in cutting speed, high smoothness, low breakage rate, car can rotate 360 ° can load 20-40 t, our bridge cutting machine the host adopt oil overflow type dovetail structure, frequency conversion infinitely adjustable-speed, sliding parts add walks steadily advanced wear-resisting material is durable, utand stone machienry user can choose different control system to realize intelligent automatic operation of the equipment.

Bridge cutting machine

Bridge cutting machine


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