Artificial quartz stone production line

Artificial quartz stone production line

Utand Artificial quartz stone production line after 10 years of continuous improvement,has become the first selection of artificial stone factory, because our new type artificial quartz stone slab vacuum pressure processing production line of the following features:
The production yield of artificial quartz stone slab above 99% and chemical indexes 100% standard;
The production line is simple and efficient, artificial stone equipment comprehensive cost reduced by 35%;
Automatic CNC of artificial quartz stone production line machine,greatly reduce workers' demand;

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Along with the large number exploitation of natural quartz, marble and all kinds of natural stone mineral resources around the world dried up. artificial quartz due to its superior performance of building decoration (wear-resisting, withstand voltage, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, prevent infiltration, no radioactive pollution) and reusable environmental features is enjoyed by all over the world, artificial quartz stone market development prospects are very broad;

Artificial quartz stone production line is use quartz powder and all kinds of artificial quartz materials for mixing, vibration, pressure, vacuum molding,high temperature curing shapes etc. process machinery,eventually manufactured high quality artificial quartz stone slab of equipment combination! The production line machine performance directly determines the final quality of the artificial quartz plate is good or bad;

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Because of artificial quartz large market demand, a lot of stone factory began work on artificial quartz stone production line, but because they choose not to mature of production line, eventually produce unqualified artificial quartz products, and eventually lost the market.

Artificial quartz stone production line part

So what kind of artificial quartz is to produce high quality of the production line? Through many years of market research, we determine the artificial quartz must meet the following four conditions completely, even if one condition does not conform belongs to the false artificial quartz stone.

1)the resin content (including all liquid materials) 7-12%.

Less than 7% toughness, easy to fracture; More than 12% quartz stone slab deformation easily. We know that many manufacturers of resin content at about 15%, so was false quartz.

2) must be under vacuum forming.

Low pressure forming or casting forming, compactness of quartz plate is not enough, have bubble, easily fracture, no fouling resistance. A lot of factory production line equipment is given priority to with low pressure forming, is far less than 2.5 g/cm3 density, so was false quartz.

3)Curing under high temperature.

High quality synthetic quartz must go through the curing under high temperature to finalize the design, such a plank to a persistent deformation. But a lot of processing technology in order to save costs, using cold curing or under 100 ℃ low temperature curing shapes is given priority to, so is false quartz.

4)the hardness of quartz plate must be provided by the quartz sand.

the glass not quartz , the proportion of glass particles in the quartz plate must be in the following 20% (mass percent) .

Artificial quartz stone working

On the whole, Artificial quartz materials and ingredients decision features, production process decision of quality.

Our artificial quartz stone production line to provide technical support to customers for free formula, to satisfy the customer different processing needs.the production line custom design according to the actual factory to power and improvement.

Artificial quartz production line if you have any questions, you can contact us, we offer a free consultation and custom service factory design!

Production Machine

1)raw materials mixing process of science. uniform high quality hybrid material is the basis of artificial quartz stone slab;

Artificial stone mixer

Science of artificial quartz formula, in addition to explain the allocation of raw materials, the most important thing is to strictly control each kind of material to join time, different materials to join order and stir to form different quality of artificial quartz mixed raw material;

Artificial stone sealed mixer is the main equipment, the machine adopt opening design, very easy to clean it,six long-off inconsistent plastic rods, prevent the emergence of The formation.equipped with multiple limit switches,ensure material accurate;

2)Vacuum high-pressure forming step completed at the same time;

artificial quartz stone machine

Vacuum vibration noodle press is the most important artificial quartz machine, this equipment has obtained two patents, is to generate high quality assurance of artificial quartz;

Vacuum noodle press vibration to artificial quartz material and equipment to neutralize density, high hardness, and single energy saving 15% ~ 30%, the system energy saving more than double; Vacuum vibration noodle press determines the size of the artificial quartz stone slab size, we can for you to customize the width 760-1650 - mm, length: 2440-3100 - mm of any size of artificial quartz slab;

3)High temperature curing finalize the design

large curing furnace

We use the high temperature plate stability room (large curing furnace), reasonable adjust temperature, fast curing, save a space effectively;

Our artificial quartz production line here has been to produce high quality artificial quartz stone ishihara, in order to ensure the final quartz stone slab production rate, we design for the customer the final plate thickness polishing, safeguard plate thickness uniformity and brightness;

In order to make the forming of the sheet thickness, board face level off, so to thicknessing in polishing plate first. The quartz plate surface treatment, grinding and polishing brightness, the final step of stone plate processing and wholesale.

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine is carried out on the marble slab thickness, guarantee unified plate specifications;

The Stone calibration machine is coarse grinding machine for cutting marble surface after polishing, for further production and processing;

4)The samples of artificial quartz stone production line show:

artificial quartz stoneartificial quartz stone applicationArtificial quartz stone production line test report

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