stone polishing machine for sale

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stone polishing machine introduce

stone polishing machine is Used for polishing machining of stainless steel plate, marble and granite plate grinding and polishing processing. Can also be used for tombstone. Glass stair stone, artificial stone, cement products and other various plane polishing processing.

stone polishing machine Put the polished stone on the processed products, with the mechanical equipment running quickly and "dry polishing, wet polishing" to achieve polishing effect, the product surface will appear very strong reflection, this is commonly referred to as gloss.

stone polishing machine for sale stone polishing effect depends on two aspects: one is the polishing technology is adopted by the "nurture" artificial external cause; Second, the stone itself exists "nature" of the internal cause. Similarly, polishing agent supply to a certain value, the polishing speed maximum, if continue to increase supply, after polishing speed reduce instead. Parallel planes cutting plate is biological decorative flower type, more like clams screw, very beautiful, but because of containing a certain amount of clay mineral in the ore composition, after polishing plate is difficult to reach more than 85 gloss.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

stone polishing machine for sale

There is manufacturer must exist a certain competition, manufacturers, the more the more fierce competition, also the cost of equipment will be cheaper, henan region, for example, it is domestic stone polishing machine for sale manufacturer, has nearly more than 60% of the manufacturers, the competition between each manufacturer is very significant, so the price than Shanghai other cities more cheaper.

Generally utilizes both online and offline to sell equipment, stone polishing machine for sale will usually online than offline sales equipment cheaper, because the former can save a part of the artificial, sites, management fees, so the price is relatively low; In addition, the direct selling model factory equipment price is lower than stone polishing machine for sale dealers

utand stone polishing machine for sale is very affordable,because manufacturers strength, exquisite technology, equipment manufacturing process will save nearly 10% of the cost, at the same time guarantee the quality of equipment, performance, reliability, advantages; In addition, utand stone polishing machine for sale factory is professional, the use of online and offline mode of operation, directly to the equipment sold to the first user, no additional costs, no middlemen profit

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line


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