machine polishing stone chips

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machine polishing stone chips

machine polishing stone can polish the surface of stone ,it can make the surface of the stone smooth. Today we are going to introduce machine polishing stone chips.

machine polishing stone chips

machine polishing stone chips can be divided into two types: wet grinding and dry grinding. In the process of dealing with large, complex and precise parts, grinding and polishing is an irreplaceable professional technology. The key to the success of lapping and polishing depends on the rational selection of abrasives, the proper grinding and polishing process.

In the process of grinding and polishing, whether the desired results can be achieved depends mainly on the four factors such as the correct selection of lapping machine, grinding stone, abrasive agent and reasonable grinding process. Therefore, it is very important to choose the grinding equipment with good performance, grinding stone (medium), grinding agent and making scientific and reasonable grinding process plan.

Before the grinding operation is carried out, the shape and size of the grinding stone must be selected to select the shape and size of the grinding stone, and the convenience of the separation must be taken into account.

It is very important to understand the material, hardness and density of the workpiece to be grinded. The selection of grinding stones is mainly based on the characteristics of the workpiece material. The hardness and density of the grinding stone must be properly matched with the hardness and density of the workpiece material; otherwise, the grinding stone will not play the role of grinding and polishing in the grinding operation, even the workpiece is bruised or the grinding workpiece is destroyed.

The quality requirements for grinding the workpiece are determined. Different surface quality requirements, choose different types and functions of grinding stones and different process options. Such as burr, oxide skin, chamfering, polishing, etc.

It is very important for a reasonable processing plan to input the grinding stone to the workpiece. Otherwise, it will cause the workpiece to collide or scratch each other and damage the surface of the workpiece. The proportion of grinding stone and workpiece should be considered according to the requirements of workpiece quality, workpiece material and workpiece shape. The general lapping is 5:1-6:1, which requires a more sharp corner of the mirror or workpiece, which can be 10:1 or even higher.

The abrasive cloth is a super precision coating technology, which is mixed with high performance adhesive by mixing and dispersing the fine powder of micron or nanometer grade grinding powder (alumina, aluminum hydroxide, cerium oxide, diamond, calcium carbonate, silicon carbide, etc.) with high performance adhesive, and then coated on the surface of high strength and wear-resistant cloth base.

The abrasive in the coating can effectively remove the stubborn impurities that adhere to the surface of the workpiece, and with the fine grooves on the cloth base surface, it is a good chip groove, which can effectively improve the grinding efficiency. Good grinding effect.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

machine polishing stone chips

It is soft and elastic and can greatly reduce the damage to the surface of the workpiece by the grinding process. The gap of the cloth base can absorb a large number of grinding media (such as water). It can effectively avoid grinding the surface of the workpiece during the grinding process.

With the specially treated cloth base and adhesive adhesive with good bonding properties, combined with advanced coating technology and special design structure, the coating can be effectively prevented from scratching on the workpiece and pollution to cleaning room.

The cloth made of high strength industrial fiber has good tensile properties and can cope with high tensile working conditions.

It is suitable for grinding, polishing and cleaning all kinds of precision devices. Such as the surface of glass substrate in the TFT-LCD LCD panel, cleaning, cleaning, and dust removal; polishing of semiconductor materials, such as gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, and so on; grinding of automobile parts, such as the door handle of the car.

What are the abrasive materials that can be selected on the market? Where is the benefit? As the saying goes, it is better to miskill one thousand than to pass one. A good abrasive material is very important for a product. With its superior performance and reliable quality, the polishing liquid has won the trust of the users, and the most reasonable polishing process, the best polishing quality and the best efficiency are obtained. The products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, aviation, engines, compressors, internal combustion engines, textile machinery, aluminum, zinc and aluminum castings, non iron metal castings and stainless steel precision castings, which can improve grinding efficiency and reduce wear of grinding tools. It can protect and lubricate the workpiece and improve the surface finish and brightness of the workpiece. According to the rolling and polishing requirements of various materials, different grinding fluids are developed for users to choose.

Single technology, single parts and even single equipment may not be lower than others, such as some parts, what technology they can achieve, and we can achieve this technology. And control technology, such as computer technology, information technology, which is better than them, we are all good. But compared with others, we have a bigger gap. The so-called comprehensive capabilities include: machinery, technology, automation, including the entire workshop processing, all kneading the entire line, the gap came out. There are two reasons, one is the environment, for example, everyone is thinking how to improve the degree of automation, improve the efficiency of automation, make a continuous appearance of advanced things, and have a process of watching and studying each other. Second, some are not necessarily technical reasons, they are skill reasons, and they need mutual inspiration. We should go out and take a walk. Look at it, especially the famous exhibitions in the world.

how to make a stone polishing machine

how to make a stone polishing machine


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