Artificial quartz countertops advantages

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Artificial quartz countertops advantages introduce

Artificial quartz countertops mesa is a new man-made stone made of fine stone, which has a variety of colors and has the texture and luster of natural stone.

Artificial quartz countertops advantages

Artificial quartz slab is a kind of no radioactive contamination, reusable, environmental protection and green new building interior decoration materials, and widely used in kitchen countertops, commode, hutch is defended metope, table, tea table, window, door cover, etc.

The polished surface of Artificial quartz countertops is more than 30 complex polishing process, even though it is used for a long time, the surface is similar to the new surface. The true quartz table has the characteristics of high hardness, high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and so on. It also has excellent anti-corrosion resistance to the acid base of the kitchen, and other man-made stone and other countertops incomparable to high temperature resistance.

how to make artificial quartz stone

how to make artificial quartz stone

Artificial quartz countertops advantages of utand

  • One advantage of quartz countertops
  • Some make ambry materials can be easily cut, mesa and quartz do not, by vacuum compression quartz, hardness up to 5 at 7 o'clock, we all know that the highest hardness of ten steps, quartz, so will not be easily scratch. And the raw material of quartz is a high melting material, so quartz can withstand high temperature. Although not natural stone material, but after special process, let shi stone also have true stone material feeling.

  • The merits of quartz countertop two
  • Having experienced multiple processes, the harmful substances are already clear, and the cabinets can be placed on top of the ingredients. The pigment of Artificial quartz countertops is mainly of mineral pigments, which is the same as natural stone, and also has the problem of discoloration and fastness. Some of the mesa will be broken, Artificial quartz will not, its elastic height, will not be easily broken. Daily maintenance is also very simple, convenient, with general cleaner can be done.

  • The advantages three of Artificial quartz countertops
  • Many decorate material selection of people will be very cautious, like wood would consider whether there is formaldehyde, and stone material is need to consider whether it is necessary to do radiation detection, a quartz countertops advantages and disadvantages of the most prominent advantage is quartz, safe non-toxic, it is a very green stone, don't contain any mineral impurities can cause contamination, bold people can safely use quartz material to do the mesa in the kitchen.

    Of course, Artificial quartz countertops advantages in addition to being very good at environmental protection, it also did a very good job in the antibacterial aspect, and the dense, porous structure of quartz table allows the tiny kitchen bacteria to hide themselves.


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