solid surface production line in china

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china solid surface production line

At present, china solid surface production line are using domestic equipment, and a small number of enterprises are self-assembled equipment, Very few enterprises are equipped with imported equipment for solid surface production line in china.

With the continuous upgrading of equipment technology, some of the existing manufacturer of artificial stone equipment has fallen behind in production technology equipment. In order to meet the market demand and improve the technical level of artificial stone equipment, some solid surface production line in china manufacturers have explored some cloth technology which can be popularized in the production of plate with great variations in color and texture.

solid surface production line in china

The product quality of a few enterprises has reached or approached the international level and occupied a place in the international market, but the product quality of quite a few enterprises is not high, and they just rely on low prices to seize the market. Many enterprises lack the complete quality management system.

There are few enterprises with R&D capability in man-made stone production enterprises. Most of them do not have R&D capability, lack professional research and technical personnel, and their employees are generally of low quality.。

Many enterprises have their own artificial stone brands. One of the important reasons is that many enterprises are transformed by ceramic industry, and are familiar with the marketing methods of ceramic enterprises. At present, artificial stone products have been widely used in large-scale commercial real estate projects in China, enterprise research and development centers, staff apartments, high-end (luxury) commodity flagship stores, mid-end chain hotels and so on.

Many enterprises export their products to the international market. According to customs data, the United States is the largest export market for man-made stones in China. As of November 2016, exports amounted to 93 million US dollars, followed by Thailand's 34 million US dollars. In addition, Brazil, Britain, Singapore, Iran and Malaysia all exported more than 10 million US dollars. Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Shanghai are the four customs areas with the largest export of man-made stones, so it can be concluded that the export enterprises are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Fujian and Shanghai, of which Guangdong accounts for more than 70% of the export of man-made stones.

By November 2016, China had imported more than 70 million dollars of man-made stones, of which Italy and Spain were the two largest exporters to China, exporting more than 55 million dollars, accounting for 79% of China's total imports of man-made stones.

solid surface machine manufacturers

solid surface machine manufacturers

Due to the low entry threshold of solid surface production line in china, the enthusiasm for the development of man-made stone in various regions is higher, and the phenomenon of low-level repetitive construction is more common in various regions. Artificial stone production, especially in granite enterprises, equipment homogeneity, product homogeneity phenomenon is serious, and even homogeneity of enterprises, no research on the target market, no clear product positioning. With the expansion of the scale of the same product, the market competition is becoming more and more intense, low price vicious competition has become the main means of the market. Due to the lack of product innovation, it is impossible to form a differentiated core competitiveness, some enterprises have to sacrifice product quality to reduce costs, rely on price, quantity to maintain production, industry prospects are not optimistic.

solid surface production line in china

Although the solid surface production line in china standards promulgated in September 2013 to implement the JTC908-2013 industry standards, but many enterprises are not clear about the standard content, standard quality awareness is not enough. At the same time, some contents of the standard need to be improved, such as the lack of raw material quality, quantity and other indicators. In addition, the relevant application rules, specifications, construction methods, matters needing attention are not perfect at present. (Guangdong Stone Nursing: Foshan Euplatin Composite Material Co., Ltd. Editor-in-Chief, Implementation Rules recently come out) lack of effective practical guidance. Those occasions are suitable for artificial stones, those occasions are not suitable for artificial stones, consumers are not clear, even some designers are not clear, the application of adverse consequences will affect the image of the entire industry.

At present, most enterprises do not have their own research and development of product formulations, no research and development capacity, the general use of industry raw material ratio, color, variety lack of independent innovation, mainly imitation, replication. Production line control automation level, intelligence level is not high, basically manual, semi-automatic control, low degree of production refinement.

There is no domestic research on the curing curve control technology of granite in foreign countries. Artificial quartz stone production technology requirements are higher, domestic research on the whole process technology lags behind, equipment matching is poor, raw material size, composition, particle size distribution control of the degree of fineness is not enough, seriously affecting product quality and production efficiency, can achieve stable production of artificial quartz stone batch enterprises are few, production capacity Low costs remain high.

solid surface making process

solid surface making process

Dust pollution is an important challenge facing the artificial stone industry. The existing production enterprises, most of the production line of raw materials storage and transportation without closed measures, dust production line dust points have not installed dust collection equipment, manual pouring bag feeding, belt transport powder, etc., resulting in workshop dust exceeding the standard, plus glue odor, both pollution of the environment, but also affect the health of workers. There is no effective treatment method for sawing, grinding and polishing waste residue and sludge. With the increase of production, the treatment of these solid waste will affect the development of the industry.


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