home stone polishing machine

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home stone polishing machine

How should the home stone polishing machine be maintained? Many people may not know how to maintain the home stone polishing machine to shorten the service life of the home stone polishing machine. The following manufacturers of home stone polishing machine tell you how to maintain home stone polishing machine.

home stone polishing machine

First we have to repair and maintain the troubleshooting.

1: the polishing barrel leaks, the bottom thorn has the polished needle to be able to use the pliers to remove, adds the glue .

2: the timer does not flicker, and the timer is not pressed according to the start switch.

3: polishing bucket is overheated, please change the water in time (the normal water temperature range is controlled within 50 C).

4: machine vibration is large, check whether each corner of the machine is in the force position, adjust the length of the foot cup.

5: indicate normal, but the machine does not work, check whether the voltage is lower than 220V, and whether the polishing needle is placed too high.

second routine maintenance

1: the polishing fluid should be cleaned in time to prevent the liquid from damaging the machine surface.

2: wipe the machine surface with

3: the control panel is covered with plastic bags when it is not used, so it can be dustproof and antifouling.

4: when the barrel is put, the polishing needle must be cleaned in time.

The home stone polishing machine mill is more suitable for the fine medium size of the product, and the customers can choose various materials and different equipment according to their own choice, and get higher production capacity and high grinding function. Magnetic polishing equipment can be used in small workshops in the living space of small workshops, through this method of fineness of media distribution affecting oscillating magnetic polishing equipment to achieve different fineness of goods, mainly through a closed operation of 5 micron products.

artificial stone slab machinery suppliers

artificial stone slab machinery suppliers

home stone polishing machine

Small and medium grinding operations are suitable for chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, building materials, refractories, abrasives, ceramics, glass and other occupations. The grinding of feldspar, magnesium and manganese materials is the leading domestic product. The oscillating grinder should be installed on the cement foundation, and the frame should be leveled. The lower level error of the cylindrical roller bearing shall not be greater than 0.5mm on both sides, and the chassis alignment shall be leveled, and the anchor bolt grouting shall be fixed for two times. The bolt is installed by the foot bolt that the user needs.

In the home stone polishing machine, the oscillation of the accuracy of the workpiece on the liquid mill? When the vibration works, the lowering of the grinding fluid to the demand for temperature can be achieved, because the grinding fluid is smooth, cooling, and the wear of the grinding wheel needs to be improved, and the magnetic polishing machine is blocked and the machining accuracy of the workpiece surface is not harmless, no effect, no odor, no mildew, and convenient and convenient storage. Advantages and requirements for surface integrity of workpiece have been put forward, and the working function has been improved and improved.

compared with other home stone polishing machine, such as other polishing machines, the magnetic polishing machine can be used for batch polishing. After finishing the polishing, the size of the screen can be separated from the steel needle, and the efficiency and the polishing effect are greatly improved. It can be polished once in 3-20 minutes.

home stone polishing machine aims at the dead angle of hardware, small ornaments and so on, and the inner hole treatment effect is better. It can remove dust, remove burrs, improve the surface brightness of the product and remove the oxide layer on the surface, which is an incomparable feature of other types of polishing equipment.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment


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