single head polishing machine

single head polishing machine

single head polishing machine also known as the bridge type polishing machine, it is the professional equipment for the first polishing machine of the artificial quartz plate and natural stone slab. The polishing speed is fast and the efficiency is high.
machine Advantages:
Utand single head polishing machine is the leading brand of Chinese polishing machine, good polishing effect, low failure rate and reasonable price, it is the first choice equipment for sheet polishing.
design Advantages:
Our single head polishing machine has been upgraded to CNC hydraulic single-head polishing machine, which solves the problem of uneven surface, uneven thickness and low luminosity.

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single head automatic polishing machine

Single head automatic polishing machine also known as single head CNC polishing machine, gantry CNC polishing machine, is traditional single head polishing machine electrical part adopts programmable controller, a high degree of automation, reduce the labor intensity of workers, to ensure the quality of the plate.

bridge Polishing Machine

bridge Polishing Machine

Single head automatic polishing machine Processing disk saw cutting down wool board often exist surface uneven, uneven thickness, so before grinding to plate flatness, thickness of the thin degree must carry on the processing, a main shaft bottom is equipped with a large diamond millstone, cooling water from the shaft center.

The large grinding of Single head automatic polishing machine disc turns, the stone plank is laid on the platform, one-time can solve the flatness of the wide plate, the thick pureness. The efficiency (granite) to 6 ㎡ / hour. After the grinding of the wool board, with the grinding machine, the stone plate is very flat, the luster can reach 85 degrees above.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

single head polishing machine suppliers

Utand is a professional stone polishing manufacturer and supplier in China. Our single-head automatic polishing machine is widely used in grinding and polishing marble and granite plates. It can also be used for tombstones. Step stone and so on.

The grinding and polishing process of single head polishing machine adopts the method of replacing the grinding disc to finish the daily maintenance and guarantee the polishing quality, which can be used for the automatic coarse grinding, semi-fine grinding and fine grinding of the slabs.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

Utand single head polishing machine work bench along the guide rail, grinding head in the gantry beam, pneumatic pressure, vertical and horizontal two-way grinding polishing, improve the efficiency. Maximum machining dimension (length and width) : 3000mm/1500mm/100mm.Main motor power: 7.5kw grinding disc lifting height: 120mm.

    single head polishing machine news:

  • single head stone polishing machine

    Times: 2017-04-26 08:49:57 Views:1726

    Single head stone polishing machine also called bridge polishing machine, in the main shaft bottom is equipped with a large diamond millstone, can be done once more wide stone plate flatness, thickness of the thin degree of processing requirements.

  • bridge polishing machine in china

    Times: 2017-05-18 10:16:36 Views:1808

    bridge polishing machine is also called single head stone polishing machine, which is a mechanical equipment that effectively solves the uneven, uneven thickness and low luminosity of the slab in the stone polishing production line.

  • single head automatic granite polishing machine

    Times: 2017-05-31 09:07:16 Views:2003

    Automatic granite polishing machine is specialized for granite plank in polishing finishing machinery and equipment. The process of polishing and polishing natural stone such as granite: Check the shape of the product in the shape of the manufacturing process sheet,

  • Double head stone calibration machine

    Times: 2017-06-14 08:41:40 Views:1770

    Double Head stone calibration machine is used for the leveling of the board of stone slab, can grind the plank once, the conveyor belt is transmitted, the automation efficiency is high

  • Double head stone polishing machine

    Times: 2017-06-21 08:25:33 Views:1667

    Double head stone polishing machine is an improved model of the bridge polishing machine, stone slab can be polished and calibration, is a kind of special polishing equipment for

  • stone polishing machine price in china

    Times: 2017-08-26 08:44:18 Views:1691

    Stone polishing machine is a kind of Stone material processing technology and equipment, according to the number of polishing head can be divided into single head polishing machine, double-headed polishing machine,

  • bridge polishing machine for sale

    Times: 2017-10-20 08:41:08 Views:2016

    bridge polishing machine is also call as a single stone polishing machine to finish the preliminary polishing of the plate, which is the rough grinding process, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and long running time.

  • artificial quartz polishing machine

    Times: 2018-01-21 19:43:09 Views:1692

    Artificial quartz polishing machine is a mechanical equipment used for polishing artificial quartz plate.

  • cnc stone polishing machine market

    Times: 2018-03-24 11:32:36 Views:1669

    cnc stone polishing machine market is very hot now. China's cnc stone polishing machine high quality machine has brought huge returns to the stone production plant, utand stone polishing machine has higher work efficiency and quality of work, and the automation degree of CNC system is very high

  • stone polishing machine nz

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    Speaking of stone polishing machine nz, I believe you are not sure what it is, for this equipment will have a strange feeling.

  • stone line polishing machine

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    stone line polishing machine is divided into various kinds, the functions of the polishing machine are not the same in use, and the magnetic polishing machine is also a lot


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