artificial quartz polishing machine

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what is artificial quartz polishing machine

Artificial quartz polishing machine is a mechanical equipment used for polishing artificial quartz plate. It has the effect of polishing and improving the brightness of the artificial quartz and increasing the quality of the board.

artificial quartz polishing machine

artificial quartz polishing machine work mode, one person is responsible for work, one person is responsible for the board, the division of labor cooperation. The surface of the stone is polished to obtain the luminosity by rolling back and forth. Every day (8 hours) up to 400-500 square meters of stone.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

artificial quartz polishing machine through the artificial quartz polishing surface with grinding luminosity can reach above 95 °. artificial quartz polishing machine put the polished stone on the processed products, with the mechanical equipment running quickly and "dry polishing, wet polishing" to achieve polishing effect, the product surface will appear very strong reflection, this is commonly referred to as gloss.

artificial quartz polishing machine supplier

Artificial quartz polishing machine supplier there are many in China, and utand is the first brand in the market.Utand polishing machine the equipment has absorbed advanced and advanced technology from abroad, combined with the products developed by the market environment. High quality and low price, high efficiency and high efficiency, high efficiency, high quality and low energy consumption.

artificial quartz polishing machine of utand R&d team in combination with the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of models of circular arc polishing machine on the market to improve the design and manufacture of a new type of ceramic processing machinery, due to the mechanical complete functions, convenient operation, balanced running, no vibration, low noise advantages, therefore put on the market after get to each manufacturer's consistent high praise, this machine can be cambered surface of artificial quartz slab, artificial quartz stone and quartz stone slab;

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment


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