stone floor polishing machine rental

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stone floor polishing machine rental

stone floor polishing machine rental is a multi-functional machine which can quickly complete the slag removal, leveling, grinding, polishing and other different processes of stone floor, floor and we will introduce stone floor polishing machine rental.

stone floor polishing machine rental

There are classic fixed high and low two speed (no frequency conversion, rough grinding, fine grinding disc torsion, grinding force stability).

Flexible replacement of the size of two grinding discs, full weight (grinding disc pressure enough), suitable for stone, floor and other different construction process requirements.

The front part can be disassembled and operated flexibly, and the utility model is suitable for grinding and polishing the foot and the large area.

It is suitable for all kinds of natural and artificial stone ground, epoxy floor, cement floor, leveling, polishing, slag cleaning and cleaning of epoxy terrazzo and epoxy emery floor.

The grinding disc is flexible and common, equipped with two grinders with large size (the requirements for different construction technology). The grinding disc can be fitted with all kinds of paste, card entry circular, horseshoe shaped grinding block, grinding disc, automatic assembly line overall grinder (4 inch \8 inch 10 inch), and dish diamond grinding wheel and other grinding disc grinding tools.

The front-mounted electric lifting device is the most humane to remove the grinding disc, and can meet the pressure requirements for adjusting (changing) the grinding disc in different construction techniques.

The rear vertical acting force machine level grinding adjustment device ensures the horizontal wear and tear of machine horizontal grinding and grinding block.

High safety: low voltage power supply is used for starting, stopping and lifting of the front end of the equipment. 24V Working motor overload, leakage protection device.

Stable transmission: the front end of the fuselage is equipped with a gear transmission gearbox, which can hang high and low two gears, make the motor power 100%, and greatly enhance the torque force of the rotating shaft at low speed. It is suitable for the needs of different ground and different grinding process during grinding process, thus improving grinding and polishing efficiency.

The weight is enough, the pressure of the millstone is large: the machine weighs 250kg and the corresponding pressure of the mill is more than 180kg. High hardness (such as granite, polished bricks, epoxy quartz sand terrazzo, epoxy floor, cement ground) and low hardness (dolomite, artificial marble) are suitable for the ground at the same time.

Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

stone floor polishing machine rental

Humanized design: pre - electric lifting device. The horizontal adjusting device of the rear vertical force machine makes every point on the grinding disc be grinded uniformly, and the grinding disc (block) is horizontally lost. Removable movable armrest, easy and easy to operate.

Buffer damping device: there is a compression spring between the output rotating shaft and the grinding disc, and the grinding disc grinding meets the larger shear or high or low, the machine will be greatly impacted. At this time, the spring will play a buffer and damping effect, which can keep the machine smooth grinding, thus reducing the labor strength of the operating mechanic.

Design of movable support hand: in large area construction, the operating mechanic uses a hand pull hand to easily operate the machine. When the grinding is thrown to the corner, the handle can be unloaded.

General floor, stone polishing machine is the use of 220 volt alternating current, before using the first pick up the cable and switch is good, and then hang the polished grinding disc, the cutting power can be used, the use of the program is: if only the stone floor polishing, hang a polished grinding disc with the floor polishing wax, the cutting power, the mill gently lift off the ground Face, open the power switch, after the grinding disc rotates, the grinding disc is gently put to the need to polish the stone floor, before and after the polishing, pay attention to the S type, to throw two to three times, until the light shine!

small stone polishing machine

small stone polishing machine


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