working principle of stone polishing machine

2017-05-12 09:28:29  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1780)

stone polishing machine working principle

The key of stone polishing machine is to try to get the maximum polishing rate so as to remove the damage layer as soon as possible. At the same time, the polishing damage layer does not affect the tissue that is finally observed.

stone polishing equipment

stone polishing equipment

The former requires the use of rougher abrasive to ensure that there is a large polishing rate to remove the laminar damage layer, but the polishing damage layer is also deep. The latter requires the use of the thinnest material, which makes the polishing damage layer shallow, but the polishing rate is low.

The best way to resolve this contradiction is to divide polishing into two phases. Quartz stone polishing machine rough cast purpose is to remove the grinding damage layer, this phase should have maximum rate of polishing, the surface layer of rough cast formation damage is a secondary consideration, but also should be as small as possible; The second is the essence of the (or final toss), which is aimed at removing the superficial damage from the roughing, which minimizes the polish damage.

stone polishing machine polishing, grinding surface and sample pads should be absolutely parallel and evenly gently press on the pads, pay attention to prevent fly out of sample and the new grinding crack due to pressure is too great.

at the same time should also make sample rotation and moving back and forth along the wheel radius direction, in order to avoid local wear too fast in the process of polishing polishing cloth to keep adding powder slurry, keep polishing cloth certain humidity.

Quartz stone polishing machine working principle

The effect of the grinding of the polishing is reduced by the moisture content, which makes the hard phase of the sample appear as the "trailing" phenomenon of the non-metallic inclusion in the steel and the graphite in the cast iron. Humidity is too hours, quartz, mechanical because of friction heat production can make the sample temperature, lubrication, grinding surface loses luster, appear even dark spots, light alloy will wound surface. In order to achieve the purpose of rough-cast, it is better not to exceed 600r/min.

The polishing time should be longer than removing the scratches, because the deformation layer should be removed. The rough finish is smooth, but it is dull, under the microscope it is observed that there is a fine grinding mark. The speed of the spinning wheel can be improved properly, and the polishing time is suitable for throwing off the damaged layer.

The finish is bright as a mirror and can not see the scratch under the microscope, but it is still visible in the condition of the lining illumination. The quality of polishing machine of stone and stone machine has a serious influence on the structure of the sample, which has gradually aroused the attention of experts. In recent years, both at home and abroad on the performance of polishing machine made a lot of research work, developed many new models, a new generation of polishing equipment, is developing from the original manual operation be all kinds of semi-automatic and fully automatic polishing machine.


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