kota stone calibration machine

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kota stone calibration machine introduce

kota stone calibration machine is a special machinery for processing the thickness of stone or ceramic. kota stone calibration machine is generally divided into two stages, coarse grinding and fine grinding, and the material is processed into the required thickness by means of milling.

kota stone calibration machine

kota stone calibration machine is high quality or high requirements for the thickness of the stone material of all need to equipment, the kinds of stone calibration is only related to customer quality requirements, whether in granite, marble, artificial stone, microcrystalline stone, as long as the thickness of the rough machining dimension can not meet the customer's need, need to be thick.

kota stone calibration machine is used for the leveling of stone plate, which can be used for grinding and leveling of sheet, conveying belt conveyor and high automation efficiency. It is used to make rough grinding and fine grinding of stone slab, and the stone plate is carried by conveyor belt, and the two processing technology is completed in one time.

Kota stone calibration machine also can be used as artificial quartz stone machine, special thicknessing machine production, it is on the basis of traditional stone material processing equipment according to the characteristics of quartz, improved, and the uniform thickness of quartz products after processing, good flatness, high brightness.

Stone calibration machine

Stone calibration machine

kota stone calibration machine for sale

kota stone calibration machine for sale of utand stone machinery is adopts couplet of gantry structure, good rigidity, conveyor belt continuous into the plate, high efficiency, high speed rotating diamond milling plate was carried out on the stone slab surface milling, make stone slab gets a flat surface, guarantee the plate thickness is consistent, thus greatly improve the subsequent polishing efficiency and quality, reduce the cost of subsequent polishing stone slab thickness, level off is the device of choice.

utand kota stone calibration machine for sale large grinding disc turns, the platform is laid on the platform, the platform walks with the frequency conversion device, the automatic walking knife, disposable can solve the flatness of the plate, thick pureness.

utand kota stone calibration machine The efficiency (granite) to 6 ㎡ / hour. The surface error can be up to 0.5mm and the thickness of the plate can reach 100MM. After the thickness of the wool board, and the polishing machine, the stone sheet is very smooth and glossy.

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line


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