engineered quartz press machine

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what is engineered quartz press machine?

engineered quartz press machine is a special equipment for the production of quartz of engineering, it is a kind of moulded plate forming machine which is moulded by pressure, and the hydraulic oil cylinder is used to provide the pressure.

engineered quartz press machine overall structure of the equipment was improved, and the vibration system was completely divorced from the main body. Improved control system automation, making operation simple and intuitive; The noise reduction is more than doubled, reducing noise pollution. The sealing structure was updated, the use of the seal rubber plate was eliminated, and the wear and tear of the rubber seal was almost zero.

engineered quartz press machine

engineered quartz press machine has a shorter start time and more flexibility than normal working current will fall by about 30 percent, saving nearly 20,000 yuan a year. Adopting the latest roller bearing design, and the material is good, the bearing (machine) can be extended for more than 5 years. Using the latest glycerin lubrication series, keep the lubrication is convenient, save fuel by more than 85%, lubrication work more simple and quick, production also increased at least 60%. The suppression process is free of pollution and can control noise reasonably within the standard range without causing any pollution problems.

how to make artificial quartz stone

how to make artificial quartz stone

engineered quartz press machine of utand

engineered quartz press machine is a special manufacture artificial quartz plate machinery and equipment, the equipment by the pressure on the stand, vibration head, vacuum system, automatic pressure system, electric control system, automatic roller conveyor system composition.

The engineered quartz press machine has flexible operation, the thickness of the finished plate can be changed from 5mm to 36mm, the product density is improved, the resin content is reduced, the porosity is close to zero.

our engineered quartz press machine product's level of flatness increases and the loss decreases; The cost is relatively low by the use of shaving and the loss of the cutting edge. Because the overall structure of the equipment is different from the previous one, the equipment and spare parts have longer life. Repair and replacement parts are more convenient, and the maintenance time is shortened from the previous days to a few hours.


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