quartz surface slab production machine

2017-04-10 08:46:04  By:Utand Stone Machinery (1605)

what is quartz surface slab production machine?

quartz surface slab production machine

quartz surface slab closely, microporous structure, non-absorbent, the fouling resistance is extremely strong, cabinet room daily dressing could not penetrate, precision polishing processing, quartz surface slab surface easy to clean, can keep the lasting luster, bright as new.

quartz surface slab production machine advantage mainly reflected in the operation, quality of cost, etc. Quartz surface slab production line, good quality, hardness, strength, abrasion resistance is greatly increased, in line with international testing standards, plate surface color and pattern and natural marble is the same, and sheet production yield is high and raw material saving.

utand quartz surface slab production machine use resin quantity is less, the production of single plate comparing foreign and complete sets of quartz, mechanical devices, save money, simple, easy to operate. artificial quartz both at home and abroad market demand is huge, this set of production equipment investment is small, large gains, can rapid recovery of the investment in equipment.

The extensive use of quartz raw materials, marble, waste and waste glass and so on, quartz surface slab production machine in line with the national energy saving, green environmental protection priority to the development of industry, more conducive to investors, abundant raw material market, supply adequate, low cost.

Artificial stone making machine

artificial quartz stone making machine

How to use quartz surface slab production machine?

quartz surface slab production machine Should check and confirm it before all normal motor, cable, protective grounding is good, protective device is safe and effective, saw blade meets the requirements, installed correctly.

how to Use quartz surface slab production machine? when the workpiece in shock, beating and abnormal sound occurs, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, troubleshooting, to continue to work in the process of mechanical operation can't inspection, maintenance of various components. Saw on a scrap of the kerf and component should use special tool to keep clear of in time, may with the hand or wipe it.

artificial stone production line

Artificial stone production line

quartz surface slab production machine remember to wash after using, especially the mixer, quantitative machine, mold, etc. Mold upperpunch decks should be regularly cleared, the machine vacuum tank is set with automatic cleaning device, press the vacuum tank after cleaning of the keys on the operation panel and the mold will press the touch screen set good time automatic cleaning to end, must pay attention to the electrical cabinet to drench water is prohibited. quartz surface slab production machine cheer to the friction parts immediately after cleaning.


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