Quartz Stone Press Machine for sale

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Quartz Stone Press Machine for sale in china

Quartz Stone Press Machine is a kind of quartz stone equipment, we are not very common, so not familiar with, Quartz Stone Press Machine for sale is used for industrial products through the pressure molding of a molding machine, generally using hydraulic cylinder, so also called oil press, suitable for high-density quartz stone plate, by the head The pressure cylinder press the pressure head onto the raw material. The oscillator on the pressure head drives the pressure head to vibrate with high frequency. At the same time, the pressure cylinder constantly exerts pressure regularly to get the compact slab.

Quartz Stone Press Machine for sale

In the process of pressing quartz slab, the pressing head keeps a strong downward strike force, effectively reduces the resin content of quartz slab, and reduces the manufacturing cost of the slab.

Quartz Stone Press Machine for sale in china is mainly composed of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum and fully automatic control parts. The artificial quartz slab press ensures that the quartz slab is high. Vacuum and high-frequency vibration environment rapid formation, the press has flexible operation, finished sheet thickness can be changed from 8 mm to 30 mm at will, while changing the thickness of the product without changing the mold, easy to use, greatly reducing the workload of people and a cost of enterprises.

Artificial quartz stone has become a new material, more and more families choose it as decoration materials, quartz stone equipment status is also rising. Since 2006 Milan International Showcase on the world brand cabinet new products, we can feel the trend of quartz stone, the Chinese market has emerged one after another Now that the quartz craze, each brand has begun the process of independent research and development, quartz equipment ushered in the first spring.

In 2009, China's artificial stone market has reached 50 billion yuan, but the share of quartz stone is only 10%. This also shows that the quartz stone industry has a very big shortage, the need to introduce a number of quartz stone equipment to expand, so as to activate the market and expand the scale. According to the statistics of the cabinet market, in the past five years, the market capacity of our country has been increasing continuously.

The cabinet industry alone has 34.8 billion market space every year. At present, Quartz Stone Press Machine for sale market is similar to that of 20 years ago. Experts predict that the market will increase by 500% annually in the future. At the same time, the quartz stone product market is similar to that of 10 years ago, and there is also a huge market space.

artificial stone manufacturing process and production line design

artificial stone manufacturing process and production line design

Quartz Stone Press Machine of utand

Of course, Quartz Stone Press Machine for sale is increasingly perfect, for the quartz stone technology has reached a very high level, the choice of quartz stone equipment, of course, is not inefficient. Quartz stone equipment can produce the most beautiful quartz stone, quartz stone has scratchless, stainless, unused and other advantages. Quartz stone, which contains 94% of the total, is second only to diamonds, with a hardness of 7.5, and can be damaged even if scratched by a kitchen weapon.

But the quartz stone surface as one, the kitchen acid and alkali will not produce penetration of stone, just need to scrub with clean water, if there is a surface residue, with a knife blade can be scraped. Quartz stone is not only non-toxic, non-radiation, smooth and flat, but also non-flammable, its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees, can be completely flame-retardant. In the manufacturing process, is also used in a dense hole-free design, so that bacteria have no place to hide, but also can be directly in contact with food, safe and non-toxic.

Among the many advantages of quartz stone, quartz stone in hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals and other places have a very good application, in the laboratory and installation field is also very suitable, is a non-radioactive, and natural environment-friendly green new indoor specialty materials, quartz stone in the market is slowly infiltrating, almost. Walk into every family's life.

Choosing a good quartz stone equipment manufacturer is very necessary, with the promotion of quartz stone, there will inevitably be competition in the market. Choosing a good quartz stone equipment is to ensure the quality of products, but also to win the opportunity for themselves, even if not occupy the quartz stone market, can also make certain preparations for seizing the market, after all Strong competitiveness requires good weapons.

Artificial quartzite is favored by many consumers because of its wear-resistant and antifouling properties. When the reporter visited the market, he found that there were many kinds of introductions to it by the purchasers, and a series of experiments were made by the renovation experts on the network aiming at the wear resistance and anti-fouling characteristics of artificial stones to prove the various properties of the products, which were well received by the majority of netizens. Experts said that many folk methods are unreliable, should pay attention to water absorption and other indicators of testing.

Generally, artificial quartz stone has a high density, oil dirt is not easy to penetrate, and quartz stone is mainly composed of silica, acid and alkali resistance is also relatively strong. It is not easy to change color when used. In addition, if the hot pot is placed directly on the quartz stone table, there should be no problem. But consumers are not advised to try it easily, because it will still contain 6% - 7% resin, resin heat resistance is poor.

artificial quartz stone slab production line

artificial quartz stone slab production line

Artificial quartz stone is really not combable, because its material decides that it can not ignite. And put on the fire when there is a normal chemical odor, which is the resin after heating the taste, can not judge the quality of stone.


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